My Wife’s Birthday

It’s today. If you thought you might want to wish her a happy birthday, I would encourage you in that thought.

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  1. Happy Birthday, Krissy.

    Now, according to certain tribes in New Guinea, it is said that should your birthday fall on a Monday, you are required to eat, at least, double the cake.

  2. “Last week the candle factory burned down. Everyone just stood around and sang Happy Birthday.” — Stephen Wright

    Happy Birthday, Krissy!

  3. May you have a wonderful birthday, filled with laughter and love, snuggles from the furkids, food with no calories and dishes that wash themselves. =)

  4. Happy Birthday, Mrs Scalzi, and many thanks for keeping the blog owner sane/on a leash so he can ply us with science fictional/blogging goodness… Much appreciated.

  5. Congratulations on being born! It’s quite the accomplishment. I hear it can lead to all sorts of great future opportunities. Celebrate with cake!

  6. Just finished the last of “your” books and really enjoyed them. My husband and I have both read them and will definitely recommend them to our friends. Hope you have a very wonderful birthday.

  7. Happy Birthday, and here’s hoping it’s a good one! (And a good year coming up, too.)

  8. Happy Birthday, Krissy!

    As a fellow April 18th birthday person to another, I hope you’re having better weather than here in Chicago. I woke up to snow covering the ground. To which all I can say is, ENOUGH ALREADY!

    Hope you have a wonderful day!

  9. Happy Birthday, Krissy! Have a wonderful day and my your birthday wishes come true (as much as possible, of course).

  10. Congratulations on another orbit of the Sun, Mrs. Scalzi!

    We on spaceship Earth are glad you’re with us. :-)

  11. You were born on Patriot’s Day. I get a day off from work, you a get birthday. Seems like a fair trade. Happy Birthday!

  12. Feliz Cumpleaños, Señora Scalzi!

    Ok, that’s about all I remember from college Spanish. I hope you have a wonderful birthday.

  13. Happy Birthday! Thanks for humoring your husband in this writing enterprise, I consider myself a beneficiary of your willingness to share!

  14. Happy Birthday! Assuming the shiny on your wrist is a birthday gift from Mr. Scalzi, I would say he did a fine job too.

  15. Happy Birthday, Krissy! Enjoy the sunshine. Thank you for taking care of our favorite writer.

  16. Happy Birthday.

    Somehow seems unfair that your birthday falls on Tax Day this year. Have John take you out for a fabulous dinner and have extra cake & ice cream to compensate!

  17. TO: CFO, Allow one time yearly witdrawl for a comfort-zone night, request receipt.

    TO: Workerbee, Make it a night to remember

    TO: Krissy, WHAT Medicine man are you going too …@_@…. you are getting younger and younger, and may

    you have a VERY Happy Birthday.

  18. Happy birthday, Krissy.

    And thanks for keeping that goofy lug you married fed, in operating condition and generally shiny side up. (Not a bald joke. Well, it *wasn’t*, but now….)

    Many happy returns on the day. Truly.

  19. Happy Birthday, Krissy! “May you love as long as you live, and live as long as you wish” (For bonus points, name the author I filched that from…)

  20. Long life, good health, and much happiness today on your birthday, and for all the days to come.

  21. Happy birthday, Krissy! Hope to see you at Minicon if you’re accompanying John.

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