Daily Archives: April 19, 2011

Elaborately Self-Justified Sock Puppets Are Still Sock Puppets

I’m trying to puzzle out the logic of this Scott Adams blog post justifying the use of a sock puppet on Metafilter, and I have to tell you it’s not making a whole lot of sense. Basically he’s got an elaborate explanation for why he wanders about online anonymously, related to his fame and how […]

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Interview at GeekDad

Over at Wired’s site today, I’m being interviewed about Fuzzy Nation, science fiction and the writing life and about being both a geek and a dad (which is appropriate because I am both). The interview goes into some detail about my choice to reboot H. Beam Piper’s novel Little Fuzzy and why I think (or […]

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A Nice Thing For a Tuesday Morning

Apparently Whatever topped the SFX Magazine reader’s poll for Best Celebrity Blog. Awww, thanks, folks. I appreciate the vote of confidence, and am still mildly amused that I constitute some version of a “celebrity.” I was recently asked by someone to quantify my celebrity, to which I said “Well, I was a Q-list celebrity, but […]

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