A Nice Thing For a Tuesday Morning

Apparently Whatever topped the SFX Magazine reader’s poll for Best Celebrity Blog. Awww, thanks, folks. I appreciate the vote of confidence, and am still mildly amused that I constitute some version of a “celebrity.” I was recently asked by someone to quantify my celebrity, to which I said “Well, I was a Q-list celebrity, but then I got my movie deal, so now I’ve rocketed up to the N-list.” That still sounds about right. If you click that link above, you can also find out which blogs won in the other categories. And if you’re interested who were the other nominees in the celebrity category, that link is here.

13 Comments on “A Nice Thing For a Tuesday Morning”

  1. Great work as usual. Not to take anything away from your blog and efforts here, but when it was time to vote, I actually checked the others to be fair in my vote giving and not just hand it over to you.

    A lot of the ones on the list were not updated very frequently with a few not having a new post for more than a year. Not sure if it was a bad list or if no one really held a candle to you when it came to actually doing this stuff. Maybe both. . . I commend your sticking around here as well as the interesting content.

  2. While I applaud you on that distinguished honor, I am now faced with the dilemma of whether or not to continue reading your blog, as I make it a point of pride not to support celebrities. Ah, why must life be so hard.

  3. Like Dan above, I also went through the other blogs; in my view yours was definitely the best. Well done winning!

  4. So does this mean the next time the TSA wants to fondle your junk you can say to them with great indignation, “Do you KNOW WHO I AM????”

  5. You won over WHEATON and GAIMAN?? And Warren ELLIS? Blasphemy!

    Seriously, dood, congratulations. Your blog is the first I turn to every day, Well, on the days I don’t turn to BoingBoing first. :)

    Enjoy your moment in the sunshine!

  6. Congrats!!

    Quote from the nomination page –
    “ability to rant at length without becoming remotely dull.”

    Thanks god!

  7. English comprehension fail:

    Apparently, not noticing that the comma was deliberately omitted from your first sentence, I kept waiting for the verb to appear, thinking that your first sentence was the subject.

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