Off to Minnesota

Where, as noted several times, I’ll be the Substitute Guest of Honor at Minicon 46. Come by! We’ll be having good, old-fashioned geeky fun. I’ll be sad if you’re not there. People will come up to me, concerned, asking why I am so inconsolable and weepy. And I’ll say, “Why, it’s because [insert your name here] is not here with us, to enjoy our festivities.” And they’ll say “Yes. It is sad that [insert your name here] could not be here. Now there is a pall upon all our revelries.” And we will all weep anew.

So be there, damn it.

Anyway. Off to catch flights, will be busy through the weekend, updates here will be brief, check the Twitter feed to keep up with me, etc, you know the drill. Will be back here in full force on Monday. Also, if it applies to you, have a happy Easter weekend (and if it doesn’t, have a good weekend anyway).