Off to Minnesota

Where, as noted several times, I’ll be the Substitute Guest of Honor at Minicon 46. Come by! We’ll be having good, old-fashioned geeky fun. I’ll be sad if you’re not there. People will come up to me, concerned, asking why I am so inconsolable and weepy. And I’ll say, “Why, it’s because [insert your name here] is not here with us, to enjoy our festivities.” And they’ll say “Yes. It is sad that [insert your name here] could not be here. Now there is a pall upon all our revelries.” And we will all weep anew.

So be there, damn it.

Anyway. Off to catch flights, will be busy through the weekend, updates here will be brief, check the Twitter feed to keep up with me, etc, you know the drill. Will be back here in full force on Monday. Also, if it applies to you, have a happy Easter weekend (and if it doesn’t, have a good weekend anyway).

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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It figures that my friends would invite me down to Iowa for Easter weekend…and so I miss Minicon. Again. You’d think that living in the Twin Cities I’d manage to go at least once…

Sorry, dude. I only do Maxicons and Megacons. I’m too big for the small stuff.

No. Seriously. I’ve been eating Boston Cream Pies like a maniac ever since people have said that they want to see more of me.

Wish I could be there. Our area got hit with thunderstorms for two days in a row! Ugh! Makes me want to escape my soggy surroundings and find something fun to get into. Don’t cry for me Arge- urr- John. Have fun despite my absence.

#12 Kay – We know he has some Spring – he showed us the picture of his blooming tree. He may even have some spring in his step.

John – I second Kay’s motion – bring some Spring!

Of course, here is where John slips a bar of Irish Spring soap into his bag, and when we ask if he brought some Spring, he says, “I’ve got your Spring right here.”

Minnesota is especially beautiful in the winter, actually, and we got a mini-blast–a lovely going-away gift!–from Ol’ Man Winter earlier this week. I will mourn him…

Any chance you’ll be able to swing by the greatest bookstore on Earth, Uncle Hugo’s? It just ain’t Minneapolis without a pilgrimage there.

After lurking here for several years and meeting you at Uncle Hugo’s two years ago, you are the reason I’m attending Minicon… where I’ll probably continue my lurking…..

I was going to attend, but that was when I thought it was Minioncon. I wanted to attend Minioncon. Now I’ll stay home and sulk, because I’m not appreciated properly.

I will be there, by gum. If you happen not to see me, I’ll just be in the other room. Or I’ll have nipped out for a sandwich. Or I’ll have just dashed off for a quick kip in my luxuriously appointed hotel room. I will not let the fact that I’m in Melbourne, Australia, keep me from being there. Honest. True as I’m riding this bicycle.

A good weekend? I plan on starting my Friday by telling my wife that her van still isn’t fixed because some of the bolts are missing thanks to the idiots at the shop who originally tore the motor apart.

Good weekend? Not likely.

GWH@20 — You’re going to have to replace the entire concom. And the disgusting crunching ruined my entire day’s lab work, so it’s a good thing that salamander ate Dr. Bubbles first, I say.

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