For the Doubters

I say, I’m in Minnesota. Doubters say, pics or it didn’t happen. I say, FINE. Here’s yer lousy, stinkin’ view from the hotel room picture. I hope you’re happy. Also, someone needs to explain to me that ski jump over there on the left.

In Minnesota + Interview

Arrived yesterday at the Minicon hotel, met the con chair and my liaison, and was taken to a suite large enough that you have to take light rail to get from one room to the next (all right, maybe not actually that large, but damn, it’s very nice). This was followed by dinner with the con folks and the other GoH, who was then having a get-together in his suite that I fully intended to get to, but then I got back to my own rooms and it felt like an elephant had stepped on my head; a combination of being awake since 5am and a food coma. So I slept in until just a few minutes ago. Which was not a bad thing. Now I’m off to have breakfast with an old friend of mine. Then I will FIGHT CRIME. Or take a nap. Probably a nap.

But, you say, what about us? Have I nothing for you to keep you suitably amused this day? Actually, I do: Another interview! This one is with Library Journal, which is putting me on the cover of the May 1 edition. In this interview (which is an excerpt of a longer one that will run in the magazine), I talk more about Fuzzy Nation, the writing life, and, of course libraries. I think it’s my first cover story. I’m all a-squee. Enjoy.