Spanish Android

Waiting for me when I got home from Minicon: A whole box of the Spanish-language version of The Android’s Dream. It is very pretty in person. And now I know how to say “fart” in Spanish. Truly, a fantastic day.

Also, hello: I am home from Minicon. More about that later, almost all of it good, but for now, it’s nice to be home.

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  1. Still the funniest first chapter of any book I’ve ever read. Is fart the same word in Spanish for the noun and the verb forms?

  2. But John, I would have been happy to tell you if you had only asked…

    As I tell my students – I can’t read your minds, so I don’t know the questions you have if you don’t tell me. But I won’t tell them these words because then there would never be any discussion of anything else. I suspect that this thread will probably go downhill, too. But remember, this is for posterity, so be honest.

    @Dr. Jim, pedo = fart (the noun form)
    tirarse un pedo (the verb form)

  3. looks like they’re marketing it as a “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep” knockoff. i wonder what Philip K. Dick would think about this . . .

  4. One also wonders what the title of “Do Androids Dream…” is in the Spanish translation. Something like ‘Duerme Los Androids de ‘, I hope.

  5. “now I know how to say “fart” in Spanish.”

    And you fail to share this information? Rather selfish, imo…

  6. @Jason, Interesting. The literal is “throw” a fart in Spanish, as opposed to cut, expel, release, etc. in English. For bilingual punsters, “tirarse” should be sufficient. I guess we refer to all this post-digestive discourse as “et” ymology.

  7. Oh, Spanish fart jokes. The word mixes itself up deliciously with the irregular verb, pedir, ‘to ask for/request/order’. An example that my Spanish teacher used: during one of Bush’s campaigns, his hamfisted attempts to ‘connect’ with the Hispanic population resulted in posters reading “You can have the representation you fart”.

  8. Of course the title is a knock-off of the Phillip K. Dick title. But this book is about electric sheep, not androids.

  9. Now that you know the word for fart in Spanish, is time for you to cross the Atlantic and tour around here a little bit.

    Anytime soon?

    Pretty please?

  10. I am not commenting about the book, but I just wanted to learn how to say “old fart” in Spanish and then to when this link appeared. is “old fart” pedo major? just wondering…

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