Daily Archives: April 26, 2011

Zeus is Dubious About the Return of the Coke Zero

“I… I thought we were rid of this stuff,” he seems to be saying. Guess again, cat! It’s back! In carbonated form! People asked me how difficult it was to give up Coke Zero for the Lenten season, and the answer is: Not as hard as I expected. The first couple of days I did […]

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Hugo Entitlement

Question in e-mail: Are you upset that you’re not on this year’s Hugo ballot? You’ve been on it a lot recently. Short answer: No. Longer answer: No, and also, really? Are you serious? It’s a fine ballot, in terms of the work, and as a special added bonus it’s filled up with a bunch of […]

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Minicon Wrapup

First, the daughter models the Minicon 46 convention shirt, whilst staring dramatically into the distance. She’s going places, that kid. With my head in a jar to boot! And yes, it was a little… odd to see folks wondering around the convention with my pickled head on their chests. Nice, mind you. But… odd. Minicon […]

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