5/24 New York Public Library Event: Venue Change!

The following note just landed, from the New York Public Library, regarding the “Speculating on Fiction” event on May 24, featuring me, Lev Grossman, Scott Westerfeld and Cat Valente:

Due to overwhelming popular response, the event has been moved from the Mid-Manhattan Library to the Stephen A Schwarzman Building, located at Fifth Avenue at 42nd Street. Please enter through the Fifth Avenue doors and proceed downstairs to the South Court Auditorium. The event will take place from 6 pm until 7:30 pm. Thanks very much for accomodating this change of venue and change of time.

Overwhelming popular response, people. I could plotz. Thanks, folks.

Here’s the new NYPL page about the event. It does appear that at this time they are allowing new registrations for the event (it’s free, but you need to register), so if you wanted to go but weren’t able to register, now’s your chance. Hurry!

10 Comments on “5/24 New York Public Library Event: Venue Change!”

  1. Hey John, et al.

    I’ve been down to that auditorium for an event in the past, and it really is awfully new, shiny and purdy :) Hope nobody gets in trouble for jumping the gun on the announcement.

  2. You’re coming to the Bookrageous party afterwards, yes? Because I want to meet you and say thanks to Mr. Westerfeld for the nice blurb for my book. So I want to make sure you’re still coming.

  3. Ok, what exactly does “plotz” mean? How does one plotz? It’s a word I’ve been hearing and reading all my life, but what is it?

  4. I was wondering if you could somehow gently abduct Cat Valente and bring her to the Phoenix Con with you?

    Much appreciated, Thanks.

  5. @#4, Plotz is a yiddish expression that has little direct analog in English; I always understood it to mean so surprised that you’d burst (poop), but apparently surprised into a faint is a more commonly accepted definition.

  6. Yep, I got this in my inbox today as well. My first thought: There goes Scalzi again, starting trouble. :)

    But hey, it gets us all into the newer, shinier space. So, FTW! Can’t wait to see you there!

  7. Hi John, is there any possibility of getting a book signed? Would it help to know I’m coming all the way from Australia for this? (Well, technically not *just* for this, but you know it shot right to the top of my list as soon as I heard about it!)

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