Various and Sundry, 4/28/11

Short thoughts on three things:

Obama’s Birth Certificate: It’s times like these that one has to make a conscious act of will to remember that in fact Americans are not getting stupider, they’ve always believed idiotic things about the politicians they hate. Believing that Obama was not born in the US long ago got placed on my list of Things That Suggest You May Be a Willful Moron, along with believing in horoscopes, being against immunizations, arguing against evolution and thinking 9/11 was an inside job (note: this is not a complete list), so it’s not entirely surprising to me that the President releasing the long-form birth certificate doesn’t satisfy the birthers at all. Morons can’t help being morons; most of them like being morons. Also, there’s money (and/or votes) to be had continuing to argue to other morons that you’re right in the face of all reasonable evidence.

The best you can say about it is that if you ever believed Obama was not a US citizen, you might have been a moron, but if you still believe it, well, now you’re definitely an ultra moron. So well done you. Honestly, people who are unhappy with the president have lots of genuine and legitimate reasons to be be unhappy with him. Focusing on his birth just indicates your inherent ridiculousness and unseriousness.

The Royal Wedding: I don’t believe it will surprise anyone to know I plan to sleep through it. Philosophically, as an American I refuse to get excited about things involving monarchies; as a human, I don’t know either the bride or groom or either sets of parents, and I didn’t get an invitation, so honestly, what do I care. I wish the couple happiness, because I’m a fan of marriage, and I always hope people are happy in them, but I’d wish the same happiness to any two people getting married, a largess universal, as it were, not confined to people who will one day be ceremonial heads of state and/or such a person’s spouse. Otherwise, meh.

Storms in the South: I’ve donated to the Red Cross today. Have you? Think about it.

Supplementary Portraiture, 4/28/11

Just a couple other snaps from the morning:

All the Mammals in the Same Room

Although just barely, since Ghlaghghee can be spotted as a dark mark to the left of Krissy, walking out the door (I, as the photographer, am present but not visible). This is actually a daily morning occurrence: I’m usually in my office in the morning, and then Krissy comes in to talk to me, and then everyone else trundles in to see what is all the rumpus. It’s nice to be able to account for everyone before they all go their separate ways, to work, school and outside to antagonize rodents. We’ll all get back together again in the evening to recount the day’s events. Wash, rinse, repeat. Not a bad life.