Supplementary Portraiture, 4/28/11

Just a couple other snaps from the morning:

16 Comments on “Supplementary Portraiture, 4/28/11”

  1. Athena looks like she shares my view of mornings. (I’m sure they are nice and necessary parts of life… someone else’s life.)

  2. You are a darned good photographer, John. I always enjoy your choice of subjects and composition. I don’t even dabble but I do love your pictures.

  3. Hahaha my kiddo looks the same way early in the morning, all dozing-off-on-the-couchish. :-)

  4. You need to do something to make these pics a little more SFnal, so we can nominate you for a Hugo as Best Fan Artist. ;-)

  5. Yeah, Jennifer, I can tell Daisy hasn’t had her breakfast yet in this picture. She has the universal, “What about breakfast” dog face.

  6. I think Daisy’s face is more of the classic definition of “hang dog” look. From the past photos posted, she’s been working hard on that look.

  7. Daisy appears to have that,”who put me on guard duty with the sleeping cat?” face. I seriously doubt that she was put on guard duty, unless the neighborhood raccoons are acting suspiciously lately, well, more suspicious than usual…

  8. Heh, my cat sits in that pose Daisy has. I call her “holding down the floor” position. She’ll even lay down completely with her front legs ramrod straight down onto the lower step in front of her.

  9. I love when dogs sit like that. My parents used to have a Great Dane who would do that on their staircase. She’d take up three steps. :)

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