The Faces of Penguicon 2011

I wanted to test out my shiny new camera this weekend, so I took it with me to Penguicon and proceeded to snap a few hundred pictures with it, with a particular emphasis on portraiture. Basically I wanted to see how it handled. As it turns out, it does very well, as I think this Flickr set of Penguicon Portraits will show. It did help that the hotel lobby in which almost of the pictures were taken is, as someone else noted, “a natural lightbox”; there were windows on the ceiling which let in a lot of natural light and generally speaking the entire lobby area was well lit and congenial to snapping informal head shots.

For those interested in the nerdy details, I used a Nikon D5100 with the kit lens and set on auto (I wanted to see how good the auto setting was) and without flash. The pictures are jpegs rather than raw format with minimal post-processing in Photoshop. If I had saw raw format I would have had somewhat better control of the pictures in Photoshop, but even just as jpegs the camera gave me a lot to work with. In all I’m pretty impressed with the D5100 for snapping candids and quick pictures of people. I’ll fiddle with it more, of course.

The picture set linked to above is largely of people I know, plus a few other folks whom I snapped (generally with their knowledge). There are several, however, whose names I don’t know (and in at least a few cases, people whose names I should know, or used to know, but which I am now blanking on because I suck). So if you’re one of those unnamed people, or know who those unnamed people, please leave a comment at the Flickr set so I update with accurate information. Thanks.

As for the convention: Well, I spent it hanging out with friends at the bar, so I had fun at the very least. It does seem like everyone else had a pretty good time too. I’ll be back next year, not in the least because I’ll be one of the Guests of Honor. But I’d be back even if I wasn’t.

Photobombed by Chewie

There are certain things that can only happen at a science fiction convention. Being photobombed by Chewbacca is almost certainly one of them. You are sad it did not happen to you.

In other news, “Photobombed by Chewie” is the name of my next band. We play Meco covers.