Photobombed by Chewie

There are certain things that can only happen at a science fiction convention. Being photobombed by Chewbacca is almost certainly one of them. You are sad it did not happen to you.

In other news, “Photobombed by Chewie” is the name of my next band. We play Meco covers.

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  1. The various suggested band names that have come up recently have made me realize that “Fuzzy Nation” would be a wonderful name for a band.

  2. Huh. “We play Meco covers” is the name of my Darkside of the Force cover band.

  3. What’s cool about this photo is the guy in the Chewie costume was well over six and a half foot tall and was bending down to get his head into the shot. It was a true photo bomb moment.

  4. This is probably in a FAQ somewhere, but: Is Scalzi out there forming dozens of bands that each have a lifespan of about six hours, leaving a trail of ex-bandmates and VH1 specials behind him wherever he goes?

  5. I want a Battle of the Bands with all these bands you’re naming.
    All of you.
    It would be epic…sorta. Epic of what, is the question.

    My favorite moment at a con was listening to a Klingon sing Barney songs to someone incarcerated in the fund raising jail. I turned to the hotel staff member standing, horrified,
    next to me and said, “Now I HAVE heard everything.” He hurriedly agreed….

  6. Scott Forbes @8: Don’t forget all the undead websites and never actually released albums on Amazon.

  7. leaving a trail of ex-bandmates and VH1 specials behind him

    “On this episode of VH1’s ‘Behind The Music’ – John Scalzi. Husband, Father, Author, Blogger, Creative Consultant, and secret weapon of many would-be musical sensations. What people didn’t know was the heartbreak he left behind him as he abandoned each band right at the height of its beginning. Taking his words, and his wisdom, with him. Leaving a trail of desolation, fractured dreams and Coke Zero cans as he went, smiling, to his next band.”

  8. How many hits did Meco have, anyway?

    A Klingon singing Barney songs — now that’s what we need for interrogating detainees at Gitmo. How long do you think it would take to get them to tell us everything we want to know?

  9. Lol, I was partially concerned that Chewie’s head was floating or on a stick but once I spotted the body somehow the photograph became creepier than mere decapitation….silly Chewie

  10. Speaking of photos, do you plan on posting the ones you took this weekend somewhere public? I think I recall you taking a picture of me behind the reg desk, and it was a good picture.

    (I didn’t see Chewie… how did I miss that?!)

    Looking forward to your GoH status next year!

  11. I was at a different con this weekend where I was told not to take a bite out of Larry Niven’s face. So, no, I’m not actually sad this didn’t happen to me…

  12. makes me chuckle every time I look at it.

    “Wookie Monologue” is the name of my next band.

    Raarararrr ararr ar arararararar rarrrararaaararar arar arararaaraarara aaarar arar

    (smashes guitar on stage)

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