Athena Wishes to Express Her Enthusiasm For the Hardcover of Fuzzy Nation

The author copies of which just arrived at the Scalzi Compound. They look fantastic.

Speaking of Fuzzy Nation, I wrote about it (and its relationship to fan fiction) today for the Tor newsletter, so if you subscribe to it you should have it in your e-mail queue. If you don’t subscribe to the Tor newsletter, well, first, shame on you. But, also, here’s an online version of the article.

And yes, I will give away a copy of the hardcover before the end of the week. Not today, though. I’m crazy busy today.

24 Comments on “Athena Wishes to Express Her Enthusiasm For the Hardcover of Fuzzy Nation”

  1. Athena’s ‘rock ‘n roll’ face is spot on. Epic stance for, what I’m sure is, an epic book!

    Complete side note/question: Where can I get that Portal shirt?? My stepdaughter would love that.

  2. I cannot wait to see what devious scheme you’ve cooked up to determine the next recipient.

  3. a) I was wondering the same thing as #3 about the Portal shirt; b) Waaaait…WHAT is on that poster in the upper left corner?

  4. Wanted to ask about the shirt, but I see several people have already beat me to it. :)

  5. I was going to say “Forget the book, where do you get that t-shirt?” but I was beaten to the punch. :)

  6. I think a better title for this post is “Look at Athena’s New T-Shirt.” I didn’t get the Portal reference, and was going to ask if real science was involved.

    Athena looks like Sue Heck from The Middle. I’m assuming this is her room, or are you a secret member of Team Jacob?

  7. jrbooth@6: “WHAT is on that poster in the upper left corner?”

    My guess is that photo was taken in Athena’s lair. Scary, isn’t it? My two daughters contructed shrines to A.J. McLean and Orlando Bloom, respectively. Bloom I encouraged; McLean not so much.

  8. OMG!!!!!! SO FRIGGIN AWESOME!!!!! I WANT!!!!! I WANT!!!!!! (totally geeked out right there.)

  9. Dave @15 – I realized that wasn’t John’s office about a half-second after I posted. ::facepalm:: (It also looked like some sort of “Demotivational” poster/Twilight spoof, in which case, I really *did* want to see it.) At any rate, my daughter’s read those books, too – although they’ve never earned the multiple-re-read status of the Potter series and “Zoe’s Tale” – and I still think she’s cool.

  10. The tee shirt comes from Offworld Designs:

    And as far as fan fiction goes, my favorite implied license comes from CJ Cherryh’s Merovingen series, which started with one novel, and seven shared world anthologies, with each book having an extensive index detailing climate, ecology, politics, history, etc.

    Protip: if you don’t want any of your readers writing fanfiction in your setting, do not include a map that says ‘here be dragons’ in one section, and under no circumstances should you ever include a genealogy, especially if it includes an entry like ‘Lord Damian Adderly, 23rd Marquis of The Dragonmarch.’

  11. Once again, Athena demonstrates that when she’s goofing around she looks like John and when she isn’t she looks like Krissy. Well OK, she’s only demonstrating the first half of that here.

    When you start giving away your author copies, don’t forget those of us in time zones outside the US who got totally shafted on the last ARC giveaway. After all, you’re coming to Germany in a few months and you don’t want your fans here to think you don’t like them.

  12. You do realize that at some date in the future your daughter will disown you for publishing this picture of her. :)

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