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Fair Warning on the Next Four Weeks

Just so you all know, for much of May, Whatever will be new book intensive, i.e., there will be a lot of stuff about Fuzzy Nation going on here. The reasons for this are as follows (and fairly obvious): 1. Hey! I’ve got a new book coming out! And it’s my first full-length novel in […]

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Read the First Two Chapters of Fuzzy Nation

The release of Fuzzy Nation is now exactly one week away, and to get you excited about it — as if you were not excited enough already — Tor.com has chapters one and two available for your perusal, in which we meet Jack Holloway, the book’s protagonist, learn of his unusual way of setting off […]

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The Big Idea: Kevin Hearne

Author Kevin Hearne had a novel way of getting to his novel Hounded — a way that involved equal parts of geekery, stubbornness and alcohol. Given who the constituency is here, I know I now have your attention. Or more accurately, Hearne has your attention, and I’ll give him the floor now to explain how […]

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Ask Me Anything (over at Reddit)

Hey, folks: if you’re someone who spends time over at Reddit, we’re doing an “Ask Me Anything” bit over there — you ask anything, and I’ll be going through the questions and answering. You can ask about the upcoming book, the movie stuff, or, really, whatever you want. It’s why they call it “Ask Me […]

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