Fair Warning on the Next Four Weeks

Just so you all know, for much of May, Whatever will be new book intensive, i.e., there will be a lot of stuff about Fuzzy Nation going on here. The reasons for this are as follows (and fairly obvious):

1. Hey! I’ve got a new book coming out! And it’s my first full-length novel in three years, the last being Zoe’s Tale in 2008. So I’m excited about that.

2. Hey! I have to promote the new book! Which means talking about it a bunch, particularly during the month of its initial release, and particularly when I’m touring for the book.

3. As noted above, I’ll be touring for the book, which means I will be on the road for three weeks, from May 10 (when the book is released) through Memorial Day weekend. This means both I will likely not be updating as frequently as I generally do — because I’ll be busy traveling and doing appearances — and that I will be in a cognitive bubble that keeps me focused more on the book and less on everything else in the world. So when I do pop in, it’ll likely be to talk about the tour and other stuff about being on the road. This is not to say I won’t talk about other stuff at all; it is to say that based on experience I know on what I will be spending most of my brain cycles between now and the end of the month.

I’m not apologetic about this focus — selling books is how I make my living, you know, and I have no problem with that part of the deal. But I think it’s fine to give all y’all a head’s up about it. If the Whatever gets too promo-happy for you in May, come back in June.

That said, May should be fun around here. The last time I toured there was always something interesting to write about, and I suspect this time will be no different. And there will also be the usual schedule of Big Idea entries from other authors to keep you amused. It won’t be boring around here, is what I’m saying.

20 Comments on “Fair Warning on the Next Four Weeks”

  1. Somewhat on-topic:

    I got my copy of Library Journal in the mail this afternoon, and that cover is COOL.

  2. I’m actually quite interested to see what you do on Whatever to promo Fuzzy Nation. It will serve as an example for what I should consider doing when I get a book published. (Yeah, first I gotta write one – working on that.)

  3. Dude you have a book coming out!! How cool is that!!

    LOL just kidding I think it’s cool, plug away and keep us posted.

  4. You are a writer and you are going to be talking about the book you’ve written? On your website?

    It’s going to take me a little time to come to terms with this, but I think I can handle it.

    Next time you are going to do this, however, I’d appreciate a heads up so that I can be better prepared.

  5. Photos of sunsets from across the land would be an acceptable offering during your peregrinations and other whatever-displacing busyness.

  6. Just sorry you’re not coming to my part of Canada but at least the book will be here. (Advance orders are a good thing)…

  7. Seattle in two weeks. The dulcet tones. The razor sharp wit. The piercing intelligence. And then the6y will introduce John.

  8. Seriously, I have to rethink my attitude towards social networks – I honestly thought “Like it, where the hell is the like button?”
    On a more related note: Keep it coming! I am very much looking forward to your book and I am really interested in what is going on behind the curtain. The frequent glimpses into what else goes into a book apart from, you know, writing and stuff are a part of why I always check whether a new entry is here!

  9. Promote away. I think most folks realize that is all part of the deal. And, actually, I am interested in the whole process of the book promotion.

  10. Promotion is good. It doesn’t mean you have to sell your soul. Embrace and enjoy. One day perhaps well have the pleasure better of welcoming you the UK for a tour!

  11. Looking forward to seeing your promotion tactics!

    Btw. already ordered Fuzzy Nation from Amazon.

    Also looking forward to meeting you in autumn in Germany.
    Speaking about your German book signing tour, are there any updates concerning dates and cities?

  12. OMG, you’re going to be doing a book signing in SF on the same day as the Bay to Breakers? I wonder how that will affect your experience. I guess I’ll meet you some other time.

    I’ll buy the book (plus the original, which I haven’t read) on Amazon when it comes out.

  13. Author using blog to pimp new book, and post daily dispatches from the book tour?

    You know something, Mr. Scalzi, it’s just crazy enough to work. :) Seriously, congratulations on the new baby — hope it finds many many good homes.

  14. Just read your interview in Library Journal Online. I am waiting with bated breath for Fuzzy Nation to hit the shelves here. Thanks for the good words. We appreciate you, too.
    librarian, sf selector and Scalzi fan

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