Chapters 3 & 4 of Fuzzy Nation at io9

Yesterday, offered up the first two chapters of Fuzzy Nation for your sampling delight — now io9 follows up with chapters three and four, in which Jack Holloway makes the acquaintance of a small, furry creature. No, not ALF. ALF appears nowhere in this book. I just want to make that clear at the outset.  I’m talking about a Fuzzy! Sheesh. In any event, give chapters three and four a whirl, and I hope you enjoy them.

Oh, and the io9 link contains awesome “process” sketches of the scene from cover artist Kekai Kotaki. Worth the click in themselves!

Summer SF/F Film Preview

Because it’s that time of the year, over at the I talk about the upcoming science fiction and fantasy films of the summer, and which ones I think will be worth the time to see. And for fun I grade them not with letters or stars but with “meh,” “w00t!” and “gaaaah!” Because that’s more fun. Go take a look, and then also let folks know which of the films you’re looking forward to, in the comment thread over there.