Daily Archives: May 5, 2011

A Couple of Personal Announcements

Which I kept meaning to post earlier in the day, but I kept being distracted by something awesome which I will share with you soon but not yet. Just rest assured that it will be awesome. But in the meantime: 1. You may remember that I finished a novel several weeks ago. Well, I got […]

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My Other May Book Release

On my doorstep today: finished copies of the Subterranean Press limited edition version of Zoe’s Tale, featuring this fantastic cover (and equally fantastic interior art) done by Vincent Chong. The folks at SubPress tell me that the book is now available and shipping, so if you pre-ordered it, it’s on its way to you even […]

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The Big Idea: Christopher Farnsworth

So, The President’s Vampire is about — as the title suggests — a vampire who is in the employ of the U.S. President, and who from time to time does certain tasks that only an undead creature could undertake. It’s a fantastical concept, but as author Christopher Farnsworth very recently found out, even fantastical concepts […]

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