A Couple of Personal Announcements

Which I kept meaning to post earlier in the day, but I kept being distracted by something awesome which I will share with you soon but not yet. Just rest assured that it will be awesome. But in the meantime:

1. You may remember that I finished a novel several weeks ago. Well, I got confirmation today that the novel in question has been accepted by Tor, so hurray, there will be a novel from me out in 2012.

What’s the title? We’re still deciding. What’s it about? Well, I don’t want to go into too much detail yet, but suffice to say that it’s got action, explosions, snappy dialogue and deep metaphysical and existential conundrums. You know, like you do. If you want to know more, you should probably come see me while I am on tour, because I am likely to read from that novel at my appearances. I’ve read from it a couple of times now (the people at the readings were sworn to secrecy about the content), and the excerpt has gone over well. You’ll want to be there.

2. The embargo on the information has been lifted, so I can tell you that in October 2012 I will be the one of the two Guests of Honor at the Capclave convention, in the Washington DC area; the other Guest of Honor will be Nick Mamatas. It should be a fun time. At the same time convention announced us it also announced its 2011 guests, which are Carrie Vaughn and Catherynne Valente, both of whom I expect will be excellent guests. I regret I will be in Germany when the convention happens this year otherwise I would totally be there. If you want to be there this year, here’s the convention Web site.

For those of you keeping count, this means I am committed to the following conventions as a Guest of Honor in 2012: Boskone, in February; Penguicon, in April; Capclave, in October. And of course Chicon 7, where I am Toastmaster, in August. There may be one additional G0H gig next year, but I haven’t gotten confirmation of that one yet; if it happens I will of course let you know. But all these appearances are another good reason for me to have a novel out next year.

Those are my two big announcements for the day.

24 Comments on “A Couple of Personal Announcements”

  1. Well, hey, maybe I’ll see you in DC in ’12, if I’m still extant.

  2. “… it’s got action, explosions, snappy dialogue and deep metaphysical and existential conundrums. You know, like you do.”

    Oh, god, don’t remind me about the explosions.

  3. All we want to know: will this upcoming novel include laser shooting starships, so the german book cover will be right for a very first time? ;-)

  4. Hmmm, how about you give us five titles, one of which is a possible title being considered and the others of which are not? So we can tie ourselves in knots wondering if you have really written something that could have the title Death Strumpets of Andromeda.

  5. Arrrggghhh! You teasing little minx, you…

    If I die before the novel comes out, I will rise from the afterlife I don’t really believe in to haunt your new car. Nothing but Neil Sedaka on the radio!

  6. As I was lucky enough to hear the reading at Minicon two weekends ago, I’ll just say that if John’s doing a reading anywhere in your vicinity, you should do your utmost to get to it… It’s all kinds of fantastic. And I can’t wait to see who they get to do the audiobook version.

  7. YEAH!
    Are you strictly limiting yourself to one novel a year to not compete with yourself or is this just how it happens to be happening? I know this is the first new one in three years so there is no historical data.

  8. He has to be very careful not to compete with himself after how badly the lawsuit turned out last time.

  9. DavidK@10: Oh hell yes. I was at the joint reading he did with Mary Robinette Kowal at Denvention. Awesome stuff. Little did I know I was seeing history in the making…the outgoing Campbell Award winner and the soon-to-be-crowned incoming Campbell Award winner, together on one stage. (Well, not so much “stage” as “front of hotel conference room overlooking the Convention Center,” but you know what I mean.) So yeah, don’t miss it.

  10. #5 Speaking as a member of the Capclave concom we think 2012 shapes up rather well too.

  11. Why does the Cleveland area get no love? We folks here in the Cleve read too.

  12. I’m hoping to make it to some part of Boskone, probably the Sunday. That said, I’ll have a one year-old daughter at that point, so heading out to cons will be difficult, if not unlikely.

  13. >What’s the title? We’re still deciding. What’s it about?
    C’mon! It has to be The Shadow War of the Night Dragons: The Dead City.

    >it’s got action, explosions, snappy dialogue and deep metaphysical and existential conundrums.
    Yeah, but what is the third sentence like?

  14. YAY, Capclave!!! My neck of the woods. I am so pleased. See you in 2012 if not before.

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