My Other May Book Release

On my doorstep today: finished copies of the Subterranean Press limited edition version of Zoe’s Tale, featuring this fantastic cover (and equally fantastic interior art) done by Vincent Chong. The folks at SubPress tell me that the book is now available and shipping, so if you pre-ordered it, it’s on its way to you even as we speak. Didn’t pre-order but still want it? There’s a small number still available, and you can get them through Subterranean’s site (ignore the “pre-order” bit on the order page). My SubPress stuff does tend to go quickly, however, so if you want it, get to it.

This really is a gorgeous edition of this story. I’m delighted to have it on my own shelf.

9 Comments on “My Other May Book Release”

  1. I just got an email that Sub Press has sent me a package, but wasn’t sure what it was. Now I’m waiting eagerly!

  2. I found copies of both The Sagan Diary and ‘Judge Sn Goes Golfing’ at Dark Carnival in Berkeley, CA, less than two weeks ago.

    Of course, they are no longer there because they are mine, but they have vastly much other goodness there. And a new comic book shop by the same owner, two doors down.

  3. Love the cover and can’t wait to celebrate all the May Madness in Dayton next week.

    Not sure if you have addressed this before or if you cared to, but I would be interested in learning how the relationship between TOR, Subterranean, and you worked. Specifically, how is Subterranean able to publish a work that TOR has published?

  4. In search of the individual who has #358 of the signed copy of the book. Thus far Sub Press has been consistently sending me the matched numbers for this series, until Zoe’s Tale. I am hoping to track down whoever might have #358 and arrange an exchange so my matched set can continue.

    I realize that the chances of anyone still reading this comment thread are low, but I figured I’d take a shot.

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