From the Department of Dogs and Cats Living Together

Zeus and Daisy pose for your delight and wish you a happy weekend.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

12 replies on “From the Department of Dogs and Cats Living Together”

I love how Zeus is all “Do you have a REASON for looking at me?” and Daisy is all, “Yeah, this is awesome, I love you, what are we doing next?”

Love Daisy’s smile! And I suppose we should all be ever so grateful that the Almighty Zeus has seen fit to grace us with his presence–he even deigns to look at us! I’m humbled by his awesomeness!

“Okay, we made nice for the shiny box you just got. Now where’s the tuna, primate?”

“Duh, yeah, where’s the tuna, primate….hey boss, what’s a ‘prime-8’? Is that different from a regular 8?”

“Quiet, you!”

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