One More Fuzzy Nation Giveaway

Just a couple of days before the release of Fuzzy Nation, and what better time to give away a signed, personalized copy of the hardcover first edition? No better time, I say! None!

Here’s how to win it:

I am thinking of a place on the planet. What place am I thinking of?


* It is not within 1,000 miles (1,600 kilometers) of my home in Bradford, Ohio.

* No one lives in it or on it.

* It’s on a continental land mass, but not a water feature (i.e., not a river, lake, etc).

* It is something most people could visit, if they made the effort.

There you go. Have fun guessing.

And now, the rules!

1. Contest runs between when I post the entry and noon eastern time on Sunday, May 8, 2011.

2. One entry per person, one guess per entry. Multiple entries/guesses will disqualify you.

3. The first person to guess the place wins. It has to be the specific place, not (for example) the country or state/province/city/other governmental division it is in/near. Just saying “India!” won’t help you, even if the place I’m thinking of is in India.

4. In the event no one guesses the place to my satisfaction, I will take the total number of entries by noon eastern time on May 8 and ask my daughter to pick a number between one and that number. The comment that has the same number as the number she picks will win.

Good luck!

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