The Giveaway Winner(s)

The answer to yesterday’s contest was: Uluru, also known as Ayer’s Rock. Greg Briggs was the first to answer correctly, so he wins the signed, personalized hardcover of Fuzzy Nation. However, his comment was also the fourth comment in the thread, so I felt like I made the contest too easy. So I also asked my daughter to pick a number between 1 and 403, which was the number of entries by noon today. She picked 287, so Kristin M, whose comment was at that position, wins a signed, personalized ARC of Fuzzy Nation. So we have two winners! Please congratulate them.

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  1. Congratulations, Greg and Kirstin! :sniff: You’ve had great contests, John.

  2. Is there something odd about your fans, wherein I think about a fifth of the entries guessed Uluru? Great minds, etc. etc.

    BTW, I have visited Uluru.

  3. Nice job, winners! I posted a 5-star review on Goodreads, based on the first four chapters and John’s record with me. Looking forward to tuesday, when my Kindle version arrives. This will be such a fun read.

  4. Fun contest but I still think “Detroit” was an inspired answer. Made my day. And congratulations to the winners.

  5. Ayres Rock was my immediate response to the description in the post … but by the time I saw the post, three people had suggested it. So I didn’t bother.

    I was rather left to wonder about the geek/sci-fi community member mindset that Ayres rock was such a knee-jerk response for me and for a bunch of other people, and indeed the right answer. I’ve never been within a couple thousand miles of the place, and I’m not sure I could recognize a photo – but somehow I share the right referents so that the clues screamed “Ayres Rock”.

  6. Well, you ,should have been thinking of the launch pad in French Guiana! Can I help it if you think the wrong stuff?

  7. I thought Uluru as well, then saw 387 comments. At least I’ll get an unsigned version from Amazon.

  8. @Warren Terra: I know, Ayers Rock rock sprang to mind immediately after reading the clues, and when I went to the comments I was sure I had lost already! I like your explanation better than my own, which was that John is an evil projecting telepath. Oh, well, at least I know the Aboriginal name is Uluru, now.

    Congratulations to both winners!

  9. Congrats to the 2 winners. 2 winners is fabulous when you’re only expecting one.

    I really thought Chernobyl was an inspired guess and was going to be the answer. I mean, you CAN go there if you really wanted to and no one lives there. It fit the other clues to a T.

  10. Well done, winners. Having proven yourselves worthy, the gods will gladly accept your sacrifice. Please report to the ritual altar after finishing your book.

  11. I, too, would have guessed Ayer’s rock except that I saw it had been guessed several times by the time I had read the blog so I went for something that hadn’t been guessed. I congratulate the winners. I’ll just have to actually pay for my copy. ;-)

  12. I also thought of Ayer’s Rock first, then had to spend a few minutes thinking of somewhere which hadn’t already been guessed. I was kinda surprised at how many of the guesses were places like islands which were clearly counter to the clues.

  13. Sorry, your last clue was misleading. Most people could not visit it. The cost of airfare alone eliminates 80% of the world population.

  14. Barnes and Noble in Tysons Corner had a copy of Fuzzy Nation in the Scieince Fiction section on Saturday. Looks like they accidently put a copy out early.

  15. Didn’t win but that’s almost okay . I have got confirmation from Amazon that both Fuzzy Nation and the Complete Fuzzy (Piper’s 3 Fuzzy books in one volume) are now on the way. Now just have to figure out how to get a Scalzi signature here in Sweden!

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