Daily Archives: May 9, 2011

Not Nervous, Just Nervous

In the e-mail, a question about the book release tomorrow: Are you nervous? About the book release? No. The book is done, I wrote it as well as I could, reviews are in, we’ve done all the pre-publicity we could to let people know it’s out there. I’m pretty satisfied we did a good job […]

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Fuzzypalooza at SFReviews.net (Plus DDN Review)

The SFReviews.net site is featuring a Fuzzy Week, in which reviewer Thomas M. Wagner is going through and reviewing H. Beam Piper’s three Fuzzy books as well as the two authorized sequels, by William Tuning and Ardath Mayhar — oh, and also Fuzzy Nation. Today the reviews on tap are for Little Fuzzy, and for […]

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