Signed Copies at Jay and Mary’s

One of my tasks for the day was to head down to Jay and Mary’s Book Center, my local indie bookstore, and sign their box of Fuzzy Nations, prior to their going on sale tomorrow. So if you wanted a signed copy of FN but aren’t at one of my tour stops, you can give Jay and Mary a call and they’ll get you situated. But hurry, since the copies you see above are all the ones I signed. But while I was there I also signed the rest of their Scalzi stock as well, so if you need a signed God Engines, Hate Mail or Old Man’s War (among the others), you’ll be set.

13 Comments on “Signed Copies at Jay and Mary’s”

  1. I just bought several of your books from Jay and Marys a few weeks ago! CURSES!

  2. Will you be signing books at the event in New York City later this month?

  3. The home page of their website is pushing the holiday season “…we offer free gift wrap throughout the holidays.” and an offer ending on December 18. Not cool. I mean, like 5 months out of date on time sensitive content, that’s pretty bad dude. Propriety prevents me from the details of how bad.

  4. Just ordered my copy since you’re not coming anywhere near Texas this time. Good thing I’ve also got the Kindle edition coming at midnight so I don’t have to wait on shipping!

  5. @Richard – The shipping on mine was $7.95 (to Texas). The book itself was on sale for around $20, so it wasn’t too bad for me. No idea if that helps you at all. :-)

  6. Did Borders get some sort of special deal? The Book was on the shelf at my local Borders in Downtown crossing in Boston today.

  7. I don’t think I’ve said this before, but I think it each time. You’re pretty swell for supporting your local book store this way. Good on you, sir.

  8. Awesome ! Just ordered a copy for my son for his birthday. Thank you sir.

  9. Has anyone in Texas received their book yet? This was a present for my husband that I ordered on May 10th but have not received yet.

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