Fuzzy Nation: It Is Upon You!

Hey! My newest novel Fuzzy Nation is out today!

Read the fabulous excerpts! Chapters one and two. Chapters three and four.

Hear the spectacular audiobook excerpt! Read by Wil Wheaton, no less.

Gaze upon the blush-inducing reviews! Publishers Weekly (starred). Kirkus (starred). SFReviews.net. Library Journal. Wired. Romantic Times.

Experience my spittle-flinging blather in interviews! Library Journal. Wired. Clarkesworld.

See me dance like a performing monkey! Here’s my book tour itinerary. Please come!

Rock out to “Fuzzy Man (Fuzzy Nation),” the official Fuzzy Nation power ballad, written and performed by Paul and Storm!

Yes, that’s right, the official power ballad. What? Doesn’t every science fiction novel have its own official power ballad?

No? Huh. Well, this one does. So there.



What? You want the song for your very own? Well, of course you do. Who wouldn’t want it with them always? Get it from Paul and Storm direct-like.

Buy Fuzzy Nation right this very second! Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Indiebound (featuring local independent bookstores) and Powell’s. Or just go to your local bookstore. There is also an audiobook version, read by Wil Wheaton, available on Audible.com.

100 Comments on “Fuzzy Nation: It Is Upon You!”

  1. refreshing my page 5 times between 9 and 9:01 was worth it.
    Paul and Storm power ballad FTW

  2. Awesome! I can’t wait to pick up my copy tomorrow! And I hope blasting the ballad doesn’t wake the children…


  3. So when’s the awesome thing being posted?


    I WAS KIDDING! Now I need to decide whether to buy it on the Nook Color and read it tonight or wait until the Seattle Event and buy… the… paper version.

  4. Bwahhh ha ha ha! Great stuff. Power Ballad.

    Q: How do you know you have arrived as a successful Sci-fi author?

    A: This.

    Good on ya there John. Thanks for sharing the process with us all.

    PS – Chorus is epic.

  5. Okay. It doesn’t involve bacon, but instead you broke out a power ballad. I am appeased and entertained.

    And now that chorus is going to be stuck in my head all night.

  6. Only John Scalzi could release a novel backed by a Power Ballad Soundtract. <3

  7. Power Ballad. Didn’t expect that. Pretty darned cool, if you ask me.

    Back to bed.

  8. Preordered and paid for just waiting…think I’ll finish that cold beer, cheers to you!

  9. Why am I suddenly hoping that this thing gets turned into a sci-fi rock-opera?


  10. I think everyone’s missing a very important point:

  11. I could not resist the urge to sway slowly with a lit bic raised above my head.


  12. Oh, and thanks. Waiting for Amazon to realize it’s now officially released so I can read it on the Kindle. Plus, Paul and Storm awesomeness!!!!

  13. Oh, man. It’s such a shame you couldn’t have gotten Steve Perry to sing that.

  14. Please tell me Paul & Storm are touring with you and are the opening band!

  15. Oh, and “related video” to the ballad – Willow Smith’s “Whip Your Hair.” ;)

  16. I’ll bet that song is going to be on the soundtrack of the next Bill & Ted film. And we got to hear it here first!

  17. Very awesomely nice! Congratulations John, and a very happy birthday to you. Thanks for the gift to us. Go on and fly away on your book tour, and let your heart fly away.

  18. A HUGE!!! congrats and Attaboy! and kudos and (*breathe, dude. all will be well* if you’re into that type of thing), flowers and candy and coke zero and bacon! and what the hey, a bit of the bubbly to christen the latest release. After all, you don’t need to read that particular volume, lol.

    Mary *the quiet one*

  19. Congrats, and happy birthday! My preorder is downloading now, as is my Audible version

  20. Say, John, is that ballad art perchance by Cleveland’s own power draftsman Len Peralta? It is, you say? My! All the more fuzzylicious! XD

  21. I hope it’s in the contract that this song MUST be in the soundtrack when the inevitable Fuzzy Nation film is released.

  22. Very pleased that this is also available from the Apple iBookstore. My copy’s on my phone waiting to be read… too bad I have to go to work in a few hours!

  23. From the minds that brought us “Nun Fight”, I would have expected nothing less. This light up my night.

  24. And if I could learn how to proof read, I’d have written “This lit up my night.”

  25. Happy birthday John! Hope you have a great day.
    That power ballad is….it’s….radiant!

  26. I bought it on my Kindle but it hasn’t been delivered yet. I am assuming because it is not past midnight here in the Pacific. Either that or Amazon is torturing me. I will still come out to the tour. I am sure I can find someone to buy an autographed copy for.

  27. Mazel tov, many happy returns, and thank you Scalzi and Peralta and Paul and Storm
    for being epic and full of w00t! Local bookstore was pleased to confirm this afternoon
    they had two copies on hold and had clearly rethought the notion of “we’ll start with three and see if it takes off” after I asked politlely if they might reserve more than one?

    “The [P&S] ballad Fuzzy Man stands as a masterpiece of its own… a guarantee of joy – bacon entiely optional.”

  28. Sweet, sweet freedom indeed! There’s nothng like a good power ballad in the morning to warm my heart and send me out of the door with a spring in my step.

    Thanks, and the very best of luck with the launch.

  29. Power ballad? Power ballad???!! Blech. Remember ‘Beth’? Blech. Stoners getting maudlin ain’t pretty.

  30. How in the world did you manage to get a major publisher to release a book on your birthday? That takes some serious clout, far beyond being SFWA President.

  31. Congratulations on the book release. I’m looking forward to reading it. Of course it will have to wait until I finish rereading LITTLE FUZZY.

    Happy Birthday, John!

  32. Yeah, I was gonna buy the book eventually. Then I stayed up until midnight to see about the thing. I bought the book right then. And the song. Holy carp that’s awesome. :)

  33. Claudio @#70: Sure they’re selling used copies. They’ll ship after ‘processing.’

  34. Downloading Fuzzy Nation from Audible THIS VERY INSTANT! Because the only thing more awesome than a new John Scalzi novel is a new John Scalzi novel read for me by the inimitable Wil Wheaton! AND PLAYING “FUZZY MAN” WHILE DOWNLOADING!

  35. Fuzzy Nation! I am in you!

    I am roughly a quarter of the way through it so far. My one-word review at this time:


    P.S. Happy B-day to you.

  36. Paul at #68:

    I imagine that all he needed to do was threaten to whack them with one of his Hugos.

    Actually, I’m guessing that it was either coincidence or they were in the general timeframe and he said, “Hey, you know what would be cool if you could swing it …?”. Or possibly he wasn’t even in on the discussion; I dunno if publication scheduling has any input from the author or even the agent. Hrm, well, I suppose it must, given there’s a book tour involved.

  37. Robert Heinlein never had a power ballad. Isaac Asimov never had a power ballad. You, sir, have a power ballad, and a damn fine one at that!

    I had to leave for work before 12 Eastern last night, but I am so glad I checked back in when I got home! I’m getting the Kindle version of Fuzzy Nation as soon as I can, and I am sharing this piece of Wonderful on my Facebook page! (Most of my friends think I’m crazy, and I like to encourage this view whenever possible.)

    Happy Birthday, John, and thank you!

  38. The breakdown in the middle with the handclaps is what sent me over into such laughter spasms I couldn’t breathe.

    OFFICIALLY STAMPED: “Made of Awesome”

    Also, a very happy birthday to you, John!

  39. 2.5 stars out of 5 stars with 13 ratings, 0 reviews on Barnes & Noble. Call me a conspiracy theorist, but that doesn’t make sense less than 24 hours into a book’s release. So, who would want to ratings bomb Fuzzy Nation and why?

  40. I have copy ordered from Amazon. But in regards to the ballad: first I was kind of blase, the chorus needed a dirty wall of guitar under it to really fit in with the classics. But then that crazy bridge in the middle kicked in and I FREAKING LOVED IT!

  41. just bought it on my ereader. I’m going to tackle it this week. You ROCK!!!!

  42. [Deleted because I find people complaining about the price of ebooks to be entirely tiresome at this point. Go have that conversation elsewhere, please. It bores me — JS]

  43. I have the audiobook downloading now. I’m looking forward to this; I have been on such a fantasy kick lately that I’m ready for some good SF. Don’t let me down!

  44. I’m now about half the way through the book. Still charming. Also: bacon. Heh.

    John, this book is very definitely in your quite engaging voice, but I swear I can hear echoes of Piper in the background. That’s *good*.

  45. Yay, excitement!

    I wanted to buy it immediately in the Amazon Kindle store, but unfortunately “This title is not available for customers from your location in: Europe”

    John, do you happen to know why this is, and whether your publisher will make it available as a Kindle ebook in Europe somewhere in the (hopefully near) future?

  46. Just started Little Fuzzy this morning, preparatory to purchasing Fuzzy Nation.

    Thanks for the link to the Project Gutenberg listing, Scalzi.

    A few chapters in, and I’m liking it a lot. Looking forward to Fuzzy Nation soon.

  47. I don’t know who they’d get to do the soundtrack of _Fuzzy Nation_ should it ever become a movie. But, having just listened to the Paul and Storm power ballad, I can’t see anyone else doing the soundtrack for _The Shadow War of the Night Dragons_.

  48. As promised, I bought the e-book. I’m definitely enjoying it, and have gotten more than one giggle out of Holloway’s character.

    Have progressed about to where SPOILER: Wnpx’f ernyvmrq ur fubhyq unir gnxra gur zbarl.

  49. So, finished.

    If you’re reading this and haven’t yet bought a copy, I highly recommend you do so if your budget allows. OA fine tribute by one great writer to another, and a wonderfully fun read.

    Now, alas, I’m reminded of that sweetly sad moment when one is a kid and has finished opening presents. Even if you got what you wanted, the sense of excited anticipation is gone and it’s a whole ‘nother year until the next batch of surprises.

    C’mon John, when can you at least tell us the title of the next one, huh?

  50. Sigh… I have it… it’s sitting here…. but if I read it I’ll read the entire thing… then I won’t have it to read. Dilemmas….

  51. “I give you my word that I am not going to punch my client.”

    the whole “lol” thing is overdone. I really and truly laughed out loud. Good times.

    PS – I’ll go write a review on BN.com after I finish it which should be tonight. . . . less than 24 hours after I got it.

  52. It’s after 10 AM and I will try to get through the day on considerably less than forty winks’ rest because Fuzzy Nation demanded that I finish reading it.

    Which I have done. I just want you to know that this is all your fault.

    Hope the tour goes well, and thank you * 1e06 !

  53. Got to the hearing now, really enjoying it. Your Holloway has rather more depth than Piper’s, and more than once I’ve though “sheesh, what an /asshole/”.

    I’m reasonably sure that when the zombie apocalypse happens, Zombie Piper won’t make a special trip out to Bradford just to eat your brains for screwing with his work.

  54. Finished it this evening. It was great! I bought the ebook version so never saw the cover – gotta say that I didn’t picture Holloway as being quite so ruggedly handsome as on that there picture, but hey… :) I adored the Judge. I wanted to kiss her. I simultaneously wanted to slug, and hug, Holloway… that reaction didn’t change by the end, although the ratio of one to the other altered greatly throughout =)

  55. So instead of coming up with an original idea or even developing an existing one, you take a classic story and ” modernize” it. No intention of reading it, certainly not paying anything for it. – next you can re-write Foundation Trilogy as a short story so it fits on a Nook.

  56. So I’m nearly finished with “Fuzzy Nation” (just came across it while browsing the iBooks store). I’ve really enjoyed it – any plans on a sequel? Heading off to finish it and then start Piper’s “Little Fuzzy”… Gracias.

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