In Which I Answer a Whole Bunch of Questions at Reddit

Last week I was the subject of an “Ask Me Anything” thread at Reddit, and folks there asked me a whole bunch of questions about science fiction, Stargate Universe, the Old Man’s War movie, my life and work, and about Fuzzy Nation, the new book. I answered them in varying levels of detail, and the whole, fairly comprehensive, set of questions is now up for your perusal. I tried to answer as many questions as possible, so the whole list is pretty long. But then again, I don’t suppose anyone who reads this site would be entirely turned off by me blathering on extensively. Go check it out.

14 Comments on “In Which I Answer a Whole Bunch of Questions at Reddit”

  1. So, just to be clear before I troll my a** just over there to Patrick Rothfuss’s site. You’re saying you’d send your little girl to defeat him at Catan, right?

  2. enjoyed reading the thread – thanks

    what are your thoughts on sequels to Fuzzy Nation? What’s you opinion on some other author writing sequels to the reboot?

  3. Whether there are sequels will depend a bit on how the book does. And I don’t really expect other folks to write sequels to the reboot.

  4. You might want to consider the “cookies in Portland” offer seriously while you’re there. There’s an outstanding bakery all of five minutes’ drive from your venue that sells coffee cake, eclairs, and bread pudding to die for. They also have a good thing going with cupcakes. I think that the coffee cake might be a weekends-only thing.

    …Just sayin’.

    (There’s also Voodoo Doughnut in Northwest, which has become a tourist destination, apparently. I hear that the Maple Bacon is a big seller.)

  5. Here’s a new question if you feel like answering it: What is your research process?
    As a geek of course I suppose you like to keep informed as a general rule, but do you simply incorporate previous knowledge into your books, or do you go “this would be a cool subject”, and then dig to learn more about it? If the later, what type of sources do you use?

  6. You answered my question! But of course, I learned the answer watching the last episode. Does Eli get told to his face that he’s a genius? Rush almost went there, but didn’t. Instead, it was self-realization, which was actually more poignant.

  7. Not sure where to put this question, so I’ll pop it in here. I’ve spotted a number of typos in ‘The Android’s Dream’, is this something you want to know about and if yes how best do I get the information to you? (It’s a good story, by the way! – I enjoyed it – I just happen also to have an eye for typos.)

  8. Weeeeee!

    I’m somebody because a famous author answered my anonymous question!


    No. That’s not it. Oh. Right:

    He hates these cans!

  9. Do you really have a “team” to do social media and the internet for you?

  10. I have a publicist who is handling all my media requests at the moment, to help me manage my time while on tour. That’s the team being referred to.

  11. Thanks!

    Also: Settlers of Catan is a great game; you should try it some time.

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