My Dear People of Seattle

Hey, you remember when I announced my book tour and said that because you folks had to pay $5 for tickets to the Seattle event (or buy Fuzzy Nation from University Bookstore, at which point the ticket was free), that I would do something special and awesome for you to compensate for that required initial outlay?

Well, now I know what that special and awesome thing will be.

And let me just say:


You’re gonna love it.

And if you live in Seattle and you’re not at the event, after the event is over and your friends tell you about the awesome surprise, it’s possible that your life will feel empty and bad and maybe even a little bereft. You might want to pre-select a stuffed animal to hug when that happens. I’m just trying to help you out in advance, here. Probably best to avoid that whole sobbing, stuffy-clutching episode by just coming out to the event, though. Really, that’s what I’d do. I mean, if I weren’t already going to be there. Which I am.

See you in six days, Seattle!

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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Um, I’ll pass. :)

I am coming down from Canada JUST FOR YOU. My sacrifice includes buying a copy of Fuzzy Nation which is now sitting 120 miles from me, where I can’t even read it for 6 more days. Please keep my trials in mind when dialing up the awesome for this surprise.

Damn you, Scalzi. I’m supposed to WRITE on my lunch hour, not get sucked so deep into “Fuzzy Nation” that I end up coming back to work a half hour late. And that was using the last pitiful vestiges of self control to shut the damn Kindle off even though I’m only about 75% of the way through.

You know what this means, don’t you? The laboratory experiment that is my kitchen is not going to get cleaned tonight, and my husband is going to have to eat peanut butter from the jar for dinner.

I hope you’re happy with yourself.

Mr. Scalzi – will you be signing books after the Seattle event? Kane Hall seats 700, after all which could mean major carpal tunnel for you. Still, I want a matching signed hardback to sit next to my ARC. Yes, yes I am boasting just a bit.

I know it’s the book tour and all, but Fuzzy, hell. I’ll bet a nickel that he found some way to cosplay The Shadow War of the Night Dragons: Book One: The Dead City

I drove to the University Bookstore after work yesterday. Fuzzy Nation with Bonus!Ticket purchased!! See you in Seattle. Please bring some sun–that would be AWESOME!

They had to ship a book and ticket down from Seattle to the UW Bookstore in Tacoma but book in hand and ticket clenched in teeth and waiting. I will spend the time trying figure out why your picture on the inner sleeve is “fuzzy” (!!) and looks like you were standing next to Nick Nolte for the mug shot and perp walk.

Well now I HAVE to be there, if only to gloat and cackle at the unfortunate folk that aren’t denizens of our SUN DRENCHED region, full of desert sand and palm trees and tropical fish(yes, it’s raining and I’m delusional).

We’ll try and turn on the Sun for you.

Try, mind you…

I finished. I liked Fuzzy Nation very much. Quite different from the original. This is the first book of yours I have read and I’ll be reading more. Thanks for a great read.

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