For the Fans

No, not my fans. Hers:

This will be the last Ghlaghghee picture until at least the end of the month, so enjoy it, kids. Make it last.

18 Comments on “For the Fans”

  1. Hmm! She looks a bit glum. I think she’s going to miss you while you’re on tour.

  2. She’s only glum because she realizes her royal photographer and primary supporter will be gone. She won’t miss him for being him. She’ll miss him for what he does. For her.

    (Chang who is not Chang, of course, will inevitably weigh in on these shenanigans.)

  3. I know what she’s thinking. “Leaving dead mice in his shoes just won’t be the same while he’s gone.” She’ll have to be content with biting holes in Athena’s homework.

  4. Lol, her name is Ghlaghghee? Awesome! I have a neighbor who has a cat named Glarg, which I have chosen for the name of my first born…that or Emma/Kaleb.

  5. O Great Scalzi, what a superb picture of Her Most Glorious Shimmering Radiant Perfection.

    Background composition is a bit poor, however. A dishwasher? Really?

    And the picture itself is very small.

    Oh well, beggars can’t be choosers. Just remember there will be a reckoning one day over your various offenses and poor performance.

    The Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club

  6. You make her sleep on the floor? What kind of self respecting cat person does that?

    Shame on you!

  7. A source I am not a liberty to reveal has informed me that the reason there will be no more Ghlaghghee pictures this month is not because of any book tour. Ghlaghghee will not be at Scalzibase, as she has vital duties of the utmost importance to attend to elsewhere.

    The disinformation plan to diguise Lopsided Cat as Ghlaghghee had to be abandoned due to excessive project timetable delays and cost overruns.

  8. “The primate better remember to bring back some samples from Pike’s Place Fish Market in Seattle. And he better better not throw them at me.”

  9. Herself chooses to lay on the floor purely to cause trouble for the Scalzi with Chang =/= Chang, and the associated fans. If she chose, she would be on the comfy chair, stat.

  10. Ghlaghghee is surely on the floor for the same reason all cats choose to lie on the floor: it creates maximum inconvenience for their humans. My cat frequently attempts to murder me by getting underfoot on the stairs. At least Ghlaghghee is apparently only trying to maim John enough to keep him from leaving.

  11. I don’t know why it’s taken me so long, but I think I’ve finally figured out what kept tickling the back of my mind whenever “Chang who is not Chang” made a comment on this site.

    “You are not Burnsy. Burnsy is Burnsy, I mean Eunice is Burnsy, I mean she isn’t Burnsy. Nobody is Burnsy.”


    “No, sir, Burnsy was there. Or rather, the one who isn’t Burnsy. ”

    This probably has no correlation to the origin of the above referenced moniker. it’s just what has been bothering me for over a year. I’m glad I finally figured that one out.

  12. John,
    Suggestion from longtime reader, occasional commenter:
    You have given your daughter a camera. This is her opportunity to publish her work. She takes pics of the various animals in your home while you are gone and uploads them for us.
    If she would include the occasional sunset, that would be nice too.
    And if she included whatever creative subject matter of her choice, I think we would enjoy that.
    Just a thought.

  13. Chang,
    Does he get any brownie points for having gotten down on his knees to take the picture? Look at the angle!

  14. @ Omaha

    Getting down on his knees only demonstrates proper obeisance and should not be construed as an extraordinary act suitable to appease the rightfully offended among Ghlaghghee’s loyal followers.

  15. I’m thinking he was fully prostrated when he took the photo. She appears not to be amused.

  16. Chang-not-Chang,
    While the background image of the dishwasher is indeed awfully ordinary for her ladyship, surely you are not suggesting that Scalzi move her for the shot.

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