Tour Update 5/13

First: Behold the shrine of signed stock at the Ohio State Barnes & Noble! For those of you who are not in the path of my book tour but would like a signed copy to call your own, I have been informed that if you e-mail the OSU B&N at “” and tell them you want one and give your contact information, they’ll phone you back and get your credit card and shipping information. So there you go (they ask you limit yourself to 3 copies at a time, which I think should not be a problem for most of you). Obviously this is a time-limited offer — if you’re coming to this post in, say, November, you may be disappointed.

Second, the airplane travel portion of the tour is already off to an interesting start. I got to the airport today and was informed by connecting flight into Lexington was canceled, but never fear, they would put me on the next available flight, which would get in at 6:39pm. Since my event starts at 7pm, this was a small problem. And thus I found myself in a hastily procured rental car, driving down to Lexington. The plus side to this is now I’m here several hours before I was scheduled to be. I think I’ll take a nap. Yes, this is the life of a touring author. Aren’t you jealous.

Interview With the Portland Mercury

In advance of my tour stop in Portland, Oregon, the Portland Mercury, that city’s fine alternative weekly, ran a short interview from me about Fuzzy Nation — but also then posted on the Web the nearly-complete interview I had with journalist Erik Henriksen. It’s actually just about the closet I’ve ever seen someone replicate in print form the drink-from-the-firehose complete hyperactivity I exhibit when I am an interview subject, so if you’re not completely burned out interviews of me by this point, I really recommend checking it out. Among the obvious topics (i.e., science fiction, writing, Fuzzy Nation, the OMW movie) we also touch upon why the new Star Trek movie sends me into a froth, burning effigies of John Adams, why books with messages usually suck, and novelizations of movies made from novels. It’s really everything you want in an interview and so much more. Drink-from-the-firehose more, in fact.