Off To Los Angeles

Barring the pique of the travel gods, in a few hours I will be on the west coast, having my first Double-Double in more than a year and then heading off to my event at 3pm. If you’re in southern California, I hope to see you there. I apologize in advance for my “animal style” breath.

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  1. You picked a nice day to visit. The weather will be a bit coolish (for socal) with not a lot of sun. Enjoy the west side.

  2. Barring the pique of the travel gods,…

    Why do you tempt us so John? I mena THEM. Yes, ‘them’….

  3. @Nathan Thank you for the video link. As a Canadian, I only know double-double as a way to order coffee at Tim Hortons and was going to ask what the heck it was in Cali. Your link answered my question.

  4. We ordered splendid weather for your arrival, but they goofed and sent us shitty weather, and by the time we noticed, we’d already signed the delivery slip.


  5. I get just as excited about Whataburger, a big chain down in Texas. I lived in Colorado for 12 years, and once drove 90 minutes out of my way (3 hr round trip) for Whataburger.

    I guess people just like what they grew up with. I’ve been to In’N’Out a couple times and liked it, but I can’t duplicate the enjoyment so many other people have.

  6. I moved to Portland (see you Monday) last Fall and have missed In-N-Out a lot since. Nothing here comes close. A Double-Double animal style would be SO good right now. I hope you enjoyed yours, a LOT.

  7. I am writing this in Milan, Italy after reading Fuzzy Nation and laughing out loud throughout, all to the amusement of the several hundred people milling about this photography fair. Hilarious. Next book you should work in the “Double Double” animal style (and protein style). Sorry i will miss you in California but, hey, I AM in Italy so it’s not too bad.

  8. I hate you forever for reminding me of the double double. I haven’t had one since 1997!!!!!

    My week is ruined. Hellfire and damnation be your eternal companions!

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