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Los Angeles was entirely lovely, and at my reading, which was thankfully well-attended, my best friends from 2nd grade, 6th grade, junior high and high school all showed up. How awesome is that. It’s nice when your past catching up with you is a good thing.

This is a quick check-in before heading off to San Francisco, where I’ll be doing my shtick at Borderlands Books this evening at 5pm. If you’re in the bay area and are looking  for a way to spend your early evening, consider that a suggestion. See you there.

Everyone else: Hey, happy Sunday.

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  1. I’ve been thinking about Fuzzy Nation since I finished it on the plane yesterday. I’ve loved most of what you’ve written, John, and the writing was good. I am, however, one of those people that loved Little Fuzzy and the books that came after and have read them numerous times. I was not sure what I expected in Fuzzy Nation but at first, I was disappointed. Today, I realized that I loved Carl. He was the one character I didn’t already know and have a preconceived idea about. I guess I was expecting the characters from Little Fuzzy and your book was original. I still don’t think of fuzzies as cat like though.

    I would advise you to read Fuzzy Nation before your read Little Fuzzy if you haven’t read them before because they are not the same book.

  2. Just got my copy of Fuzzy Nation in the mail, so very excited! Have fun in SF!

  3. My MOM– -cough- -cough- Mythago is going to drag me down there today.

  4. That’s neat that your childhood friends showed up to see you! I’d always wondered what happened to my gradeschool classmates, and last year I finally attended a “group reunion” of everyone who’d attended the school in the ’70s and ’80s (small private school, so the crowd wasn’t as big as you’d think). Two of my former classmates showed up, and I’m now in fairly regular contact, via Facebook and Google Talk, with one of them–the girl who’d been my best friend all through gradeschool. We’d lost contact when my family moved out of state, and I hadn’t seen or heard from her in almost 30 years. To paraphrase what you said, “catching up with your past can be a good thing”.


  5. On an unrelated note, I convinced my girlfriend to read Old Man’s War tonight. 3 hours later, her Kindle says shes 56% done. I think she likes it!

  6. Sorry I missed you in Los Angeles, but thanks for signing lots of books at the B&N — I picked up a copy today. Cheers!

  7. Enjoyed your performance in LA- and that new work you read from- IT ROCKED!

  8. I was thrilled to be able to make the L.A. reading, and ended buying *two* of you books–Fuzzy Nation & Agent. Thanks for signing my hc copy of “Hate Mail.” It was a great event.

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