Boing Boing Joins the Fuzzy Nation

This lovely review of Fuzzy Nation, by Cory Doctorow, is on Boing Boing today and says, in part:

This is a perfect swinging-in-the-hammock, summer-weekend novel — and the perfect novel to give to a clever young person of your acquaintance to spark a lifelong love affair with science fiction and all it has to say about how we treat one another, how we treat the rest of the universe, and what we do when the circumstances offer us the chance to sell out our integrity for fortune.

It’s worth noting that Cory has a special place in his heart for Little Fuzzy, since it was the very first science fiction book he purchased on his own (when he was nine!), so the fact he took to this adaptation is genuinely gratifying. I’m glad he liked it.


Borderlands Books is Awesome

Seriously, now. I did my tour stop yesterday at Borderlands and it remains one of my favorite bookstores anywhere on the planet. Just great people and a great space (made even better now by the fantastic cafe next door). The next time you are in San Francisco I command you to make a visit. It is so very much worth your time. And if you are in San Francisco already, really: no excuse not to visit. Today, even.

My event at the store was just unspeakable amounts of fun. I had a great crowd, and they really seemed to enjoy the reading, plus as a bonus some of my family was there (specifically, my sister, niece and dad) so there were three generations of Scalzi in one bookstore. I also got to hang out afterwards with friends at the Borderlands Cafe, which was a fine thing.

And everyone seemed to forgive me when I accidentally said “San Diego” when I meant “San Francisco.” Sorry again, guys. I blame tour fatigue.

Off today to Portland and tonight’s appearance at Powell’s at the Cedar Hills Crossing store. It’s at 7pm and should be a ton of fun. And yes, before anyone asks, I’ll try to stop at Voodoo Donuts and have a maple bacon donut. At this point, if I don’t, I think people may beat me.

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