Boing Boing Joins the Fuzzy Nation

This lovely review of Fuzzy Nation, by Cory Doctorow, is on Boing Boing today and says, in part:

This is a perfect swinging-in-the-hammock, summer-weekend novel — and the perfect novel to give to a clever young person of your acquaintance to spark a lifelong love affair with science fiction and all it has to say about how we treat one another, how we treat the rest of the universe, and what we do when the circumstances offer us the chance to sell out our integrity for fortune.

It’s worth noting that Cory has a special place in his heart for Little Fuzzy, since it was the very first science fiction book he purchased on his own (when he was nine!), so the fact he took to this adaptation is genuinely gratifying. I’m glad he liked it.

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  1. Just bought it yesterday afternoon. I plopped down thinking I’d read a bit and get to doing things around the house.

    Before I knew it, it was midnight, my house was a mess, and I was done with the book. You did a really excellent job on this Scalzi.

  2. I bought it last week on my way home, got home from work, made dinner, started reading it while eating, kept reading, kept reading, … finished it, went to sleep. This weekend I’ll read it again, taking my time. Thanks for another great read.

    I’d never heard of the original books before John announced his “reboot”. As a result, I read (and enjoyed) “Little Fuzzy” for the first time.

  3. Just got my copy in the mail today. Drool… It’s so pretty! Or, I mean, fuckin awesome!

  4. Would this book be appropriate for an intelligent and precocious 8 year old? My niece loves to read, loves science, and loves animals, and I think this book would be perfect for her. Of course, I might just buy her a copy and read it myself first. :)

  5. summer-weekend novel? I read it in one sitting! Great book and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  6. Just finished it a couple of days ago, John. It was wonderful! I had read Piper’s original at your behest and found it to be a really fun, sweet tale. Your version is an awesome tribute. I was invested in the characters (human, fuzzy and canine), I openly, loudly guffawed at least a dozen times and overall really enjoyed myself. Nice job, as usual.

  7. Thanks again for signing my books today Mr Scalzi! I can now build a special shrine around my first edition Old Man’s War and leave a special empty place for the Agent to the Stars that I will some day have. Sure it was free on the internet, but why oh why didn’t I buy it when it was on Penny Arcade and you and Subterranean were giving the money to the Child’s Play charity. I mean I was a broke college student, but it’s CHARITY!

  8. Copied from my facebook wall.

    [And the rest deleted because of the same, because it’s my general policy to delete cut and paste messages from elsewhere, because I find it lazy. Also, as a general rule, shouting “FUCK YOU” to the proprietor of a blog on his own site is a special sort of clueless rude which I don’t feel obliged to tolerate.

    Now, Ross, if you want to try to register your displeasure with with book again, only this time with a bit more effort and awareness of your surroundings, then by all means try once more. Just remember you’re not on your Facebook page here, and I expect you to act like a grown-up — JS]

  9. I would disagree with Alex about the book lacking magic. For me magic is about being transported into another place or time. What has always drawn me to John’s writing is the characters stop and think about what is going on and it allows glimpses into what makes us human. Even Papa fuzzy displays some of the same things I feel about my son.

    While both books started with a discovery, I found more to relate with in the reboot. The new Holloway may have lacked the machismo and cavalier attitude, but gained a sharp wit and intellect. Fuzzy Nation kept me guessing to the end and for the last 2/3 of the book I couldn’t put it down.

  10. I’m loving the Audible version! I just got my copy yesterday and I’m having a hard time keeping my iPod switched off. Wil Wheaton’s narration is simply fantastic. Hearing your voice for the introduction further distorts my view of Who You Really Are, fantastic :)

    And I love what you’ve done with the story. I’ve read so much science fiction over the years, I’m not really sure I’ve read Little Fuzzy, it certainly feels very familiar. What ever you did, you’ve made it modern yet managed to make it feel like I’m reading something from my youth. What a wonderful feeling.

  11. I thought Cory’s tale was esp. cool when he mentioned that Tanya Huff was the person behind the bookstore counter :)

  12. Congratulations on the amazing reviews so far. and a very successful book tour. You seem like you’re having a good time. and the turn out appears to be solid. Now, I just need to do some investigating work, because Fuzzy Nation isn’t available at my small city book store.

  13. My parents read me Little Fuzzy as a bed time story sometime around 1965. I know I read it myself before I graduated from General Beadle Elementary School in the spring of 1972. Mrs. Lewis, our school librarian checked it out to me. I enjoyed it both times.

    I just finished listening to Fuzzy Nation, again as a bed time story… When ranking the narrators, I have to give Mom the nod on a technicality. After all, she knew when I was ready to doze off and stopped reading at that point. Will just kept on reading, so I had to stay awake. This is not nearly so restful.

    I am currently listening to the Little Fuzzy companion recording that accompanied Fuzzy Nation. I am enjoying it, but some on the things in it are a bit jarring., For instance, books on microfilm in a world where video phones are the norm… I would certainly recommend that anyone who want a good read consider entering the world of the Fuzzy.

    I just have to add, Carl the Dog is a wonderful addition to the Fuzzyverse.

  14. Just finished Fuzzy Nation and I loved it! Would like to see another book from that universe.

    I really like your writing style andi find myself laughing out loud when reading.

    Can’t wait until your next book.


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