And Now, a Small Bit of Good News

Which is: Fuzzy Nation made the New York Times hardcover fiction bestseller list.

As the kids say: w00t!

No, not number one. Down the list a bit from there (I don’t know if I’m supposed to reveal the placing yet ; the list it’s on is slated for May 29th publication). But, hey: any place on the NYT hardcover fiction list is a good place for a science fiction novel to be. I am genuinely delighted.

While there are many people to thank, including everyone who bought a copy in the last week (thank you!), I’m going to give a special shout out at the moment to: Cassandra Ammerman, my publicist at Tor, who helped shake out a bunch of media interest and who set up my book tour; Kekai Kotaki, whose excellent cover for the book almost certainly dragged a few people across the bookstore floor to take a look at it; and of course Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Fuzzy’s editor.

I must also bow toward the ghost of H. Beam Piper. I hope he’s happy about where I’ve taken his fuzzy little creatures. I’d like to think he is.

Edited to add: Oh, and I have to thank Paul and Storm for this:

Because everyone knows the power ballad helps the box office. That’s why it’s there!

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