Reminder: Mass SFWA Book Signing (Including Me) in DC Today

If you are in or around Washington DC today, and you love science fiction and fantasy, you will want to be at the Washington Hilton between the hours of 5:30 and 7pm, at which time dozens of science fiction and fantasy authors, including Connie Willis, Joe Haldeman, Paolo Bacigalupi and yours truly, will be on hand to sign your books and make your day. Need books to sign? There will be books on hand to buy. It’ll be more science fiction and fantasy awesomeness in one place at one time than you’re likely to see in the nation’s capital for a long time. The event is open to the public (that means you). So come on down!

Here are all the details on where, when, how and who. See you there!

20 Comments on “Reminder: Mass SFWA Book Signing (Including Me) in DC Today”

  1. Alas, I’m leaving DC at 6 this evening to visit friends in Philadefphia!

  2. I’m in. There better not be a big line.


    Wanna give me a ‘get to the front of the line’ password? There is a hardback book purchase in it for you, and a cookie.

  3. @#3 Theophylact

    Unfortunately, my daughter’s class is also leaving DC and heading back to NC after their class trip. Otherwise, I’d be giving her phone directions to the Hilton.

  4. @5 Paul H

    *gasp!* A cookie? You bastard! How will I ever top that?

    Wait… perhaps… yes… YES… BACON! Scalzi, there’s bacon in it for you if I can cut the line.

    Ha, beat that!

  5. Oh if only I wasn’t the kind of dummy who’s been reading your books for years, yet just started looking at Whatever today. I know, I know, you may all ritually chastize me at your leisure. Anyway, I live not too far from DC, but I have ironclad plans tonight. I’ll catch you the next time you’re aroud here.

  6. Curse you! *shakes fist* You win, Paul… this time.

    Also, can I cut in line behind you?

  7. Ron @ #9

    We will not chastise you, just welcome you to the extended dysfunctional family of Whateverines. You have much hilarity to look forward too.

    Since I was fortunate enough to make it to the signing here in Seattle last Tuesday night, I’m OK with missing this DC gig. What a great line up of authors to see though. Connie Willis alone makes it tough to miss with Joe Haldeman and Paolo Bacigalupi added in it’s almost author sensory overload. (Yes, I copy and pasted Paolo’s last name.) 8^D

  8. Alan Steele will be my number 2 stop after Scalzi. And you will know me by the backpack of books I will carry.

  9. Wish I could be there, but I was too busy:
    1. Living 900 miles away,
    2. Signing papers to start a new job on Monday,
    3. Buying Fuzzy Nation from the local Borders as a reward for starting a new job on Monday.

    Enjoy D.C.!

  10. Couldn’t make it there through the traffic. *sigh* I hope I’ll be able to catch you next time you’re here on the coast.

  11. At 6:00, John had the longest line – also the tallest stack of books to sell. Bet they’re gone now. BTW, he refused to discuss his new novel, except to say it was “bigger than a breadbox.” Coffee table book, John?

  12. Oh man, we should have arranged a Whatever-commenter meetup or something. >_<.

    Anyway, I thought the whole thing was well-done, and the lines weren't bad at all. A big thanks to all the people that were doing the setup, staffing the bookstore, &etc–they did a lovely job getting things organized.

  13. Also, Scalzi, thanks for signing stuff!

    And if you are not yet acquainted with Five Guys, you should definitely hit up the one on Conn Ave while you’re here. I’m a vegetarian so I can’t speak to how they compare to double-doubles, but they are the local burger chain of choice for all the DC meaters I know. And they are not the least bit stingy with the fries, either (om nom nom their fries).

  14. Thanks for the autographs, John. You’ll make a pair of evil twins very happy and earn me the continued goodwill that permits me to be a self-centered ass 364 days a year.

  15. You’re signing at the Hinckley Hilton? I’m not sure if that’s cool or horrifying.

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