Dialogue and Writing Excuses

I blew out my voice yesterday after a weekend of near-constant talking, so today I’m trying to be as quiet as possible (I know! Me!). But that doesn’t mean you can’t hear the dulcet tones of my voice — I’m featured on the most recent episode of Writing Excuses, the Hugo-nominated writing podcast hosted by Brandon Sanderson, Howard Tayler and Dan Wells. In the episode I’m on, I and Brandon and Howard discuss dialogue, and why it’s important to read outside of the genres of science fiction and fantasy to make your dialogue more interesting. It’s a fifteen minute (or so) podcast, and worth the time investment.

4 Comments on “Dialogue and Writing Excuses”

  1. OK, so when’s the podcast about bovine attacks coming out?

    Also, I hope your voice gets better soon, and thanks for giving me a new podcast to listen to!

  2. Fortunately, you don’t need a working RL voice to blog! Many’s the time I’ve been sick with some sort of bug and have had total laryngitis as a result, but at least I could still communicate with my friends via email, online chat, etc.

    Maybe you should lay off the Coke Zero for a day or two and drink hot tea with honey instead (tea has caffeine in it too, you know). Might help your voice get better faster.

    Get well soon! :-)

  3. An excellent podcast, complete with unrequited nemesis. Also a fun writing prompt.

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