Dialogue and Writing Excuses

I blew out my voice yesterday after a weekend of near-constant talking, so today I’m trying to be as quiet as possible (I know! Me!). But that doesn’t mean you can’t hear the dulcet tones of my voice — I’m featured on the most recent episode of Writing Excuses, the Hugo-nominated writing podcast hosted by Brandon Sanderson, Howard Tayler and Dan Wells. In the episode I’m on, I and Brandon and Howard discuss dialogue, and why it’s important to read outside of the genres of science fiction and fantasy to make your dialogue more interesting. It’s a fifteen minute (or so) podcast, and worth the time investment.

4 Comments on “Dialogue and Writing Excuses”

  1. OK, so when’s the podcast about bovine attacks coming out?

    Also, I hope your voice gets better soon, and thanks for giving me a new podcast to listen to!

  2. Fortunately, you don’t need a working RL voice to blog! Many’s the time I’ve been sick with some sort of bug and have had total laryngitis as a result, but at least I could still communicate with my friends via email, online chat, etc.

    Maybe you should lay off the Coke Zero for a day or two and drink hot tea with honey instead (tea has caffeine in it too, you know). Might help your voice get better faster.

    Get well soon! :-)

  3. Frank Cote – I am an aspiring Writer, new father and general layabout who hopes to one day write words that people will care about or at least be entertained by.
    Frank Cote

    W00T! Writing Excuses is a favorite podcast of mine.

    Off to download!

    Hope the voice gets better.

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