The 2011 Hugo Voters Packet — Now Live!

If I’ve done anything useful at all in the history of Hugos, it’s help establish the idea that letting the potential Hugo voters get a packet of the nominated works to read and evaluate is a good thing for the process and for the award. I wasn’t the first person to think of it, mind you, but I helped give it a push in recent years, and the Worldcons have taken my initial efforts in the area and taken them to new and better heights.

So it pleases me to tell all y’all that this year the folks at Renovation, this year’s Worldcon, have once again worked with the authors, artists and publishers of the Hugo-nominated works this year (and the Campbell-nominated works too! Let’s not forget those!) to offer Hugo voters a free look at many of the nominees and in most of the categories. This will help them — you, if you choose to vote — to make an informed decision about how they will rank the works when it comes time to vote.

What’s available? Go here for the content list of the packet, and the formats in which the content is available.

How do you become a Hugo voter? Why, you sign up to be a member of Renovention, this year’s Worldcon, of course! Which you can do right at this link. You can sign up to be an attending member — which means you plan on coming to the actual convention in Reno this year (in which case, see you there) — or you can choose a Supporting Membership, which means you won’t attend the event but that you may vote for the Hugos. A Supporting Membership is $50 — i.e., less than the cost of all the Hugo-nominated novels included in the voter packet (not to mention everything else). If you’re a reader and love science fiction, you can see how voting in the Hugos turns out to be a pretty decent deal for you.

So check it out, get a membership, have fun reading, and vote. The Hugos are better the more people participate.

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