Phoenix Tour Appearance and ComicCon Schedule

Attention Citizens of Phoenix and Arizona! As of tomorrow I will be among you in your fair (and I assume at this point rather warm) environs, both to do a tour appearance and to be a guest at Phoenix Comicon. The tour appearance is open to the public, while Comicon memberships at the door will be $40. Come to one, come to both — either way I’ll be happy to see you.

Here’s information on both:


The final tour stop on the Fuzzy Nation book tour will be Saturday, May 28 at 5pm at The Poisoned Pen bookstore in Scottsdale, AZ. I will be there, as will Sam Sykes, who will also be reading and signing. Then he and I will fight to the death. It will be fun.

(Technical note: In this instance “fight to the death,” means “make a few snarky comments and grin stupidly,” more or less. You still don’t want to miss it.)

(Seriously, come on down — this tour has been great so far and I just know you guys can help end it on a high note.)

(No pressure or anything.)


Author Round Up – Come meet several of our author guests in an informal chat session to find out what they’ll be doing during the weekend.
When: Thu, 8:00-9:00PM (Room 122 Sci Fi)

Sci-Fi Authors & Social Media – Authors today spend a lot of time online conversing with fans about their work and everything under the sun. How do they keep social media from taking over their lives, while making their online presence a good experience for them and their fans? Panelists: Cherie Priest, Jack Mangan, John Scalzi, Paul Cornell, Sam Sykes
When: Fri, 10:30-11:30AM (Room 122 Sci Fi)

Sci-Fi and Fantasy on TV – With such shows as FlashForward, Stargate Universe, The Dresden Files, and Star Trek: TNG under their belts, panelists look at their series’ work and discuss how their efforts worked (or didn’t) with the realities of TV production. Panelists: John Scalzi, Morgan Gendel, Robert J Sawyer
When: Fri, 12:00-1:00PM (Room 122 Sci Fi)

Just a Minute With Paul Cornell and Friends – Join Paul Cornell and special guests for a fun round of the British radio game show Just a Minute. Panelists: Paul Cornell
When: Fri, 6:00-7:00PM (Room 121)

The Big Idea – The Big Idea, a regular feature on “Whatever” (John Scalzi’s website), gives authors the chance to talk about the “big idea” that went into their novels. Join John and several of those authors for a look at their big ideas. Panelists: Cherie Priest, James A Owen, John Scalzi, Jordan Summers, Kevin Hearne, Sam Sykes, Janni Lee Simner
When: Sat, 10:30-11:30AM (Room 122 Sci Fi)

John Scalzi Spotlight – Phoenix ComiCon welcomes back Hugo award-winning author John Scalzi! He’ll be reading from something new and answering questions about his work, life, pets and his plans to take over the world. Panelists: John Scalzi
When: Sat, 12:00-1:00PM (Room 122 Sci Fi)

Beyond this I will have an author table I will be at when I am not causing mischief elsewhere.

So come to either or both and I hope to see you soon.

10 Comments on “Phoenix Tour Appearance and ComicCon Schedule”

  1. YAY! I’m looking forward to seeing you at Phoenix ComicCon this year. Yes it is warm, so hopefully you have some shorts, or skorts or a thong even. Well, maybe not the thong…not that there is anything wrong with you flaunting yourself in a thong… but.. wait, I’ll come in again.

  2. According to NOAA.GOV, yes “rather warm” is a good choice:

    Thursday – 99 F
    Friday – 100 F
    Saturday – 99 F
    Sunday – a chilly 91 F

    “But it’s a dry heat …”

    For some of us, the word Phoenix brings to mind the 1978 Worldcon and the Anvil of God.

  3. For those planning on attending PHX Comicon, full event memberships are $35 through midnight tonight (plus a couple $$ for processing fees) if you purchase through the web site. Things get more expensive tomorrow.

  4. Wait a minute. Waaaaaiiiitt a minute… Wil Wheaton writes that there will be “a particularly dramatic performance of The Last Unicorn (Pegasus Kitten).” I sense events. Conspiring events…

  5. Woot! I plan to be at the Poisoned Pen on Saturday with my copy of Fuzzy Nation in my grubby paws to be autographed by the Great and Powerful Scalzi!!

  6. …just wanted to say thank you for coming to the NYPL last night… even though I was sorely disappointed that you didn’t read from the new super sekrit thing… :*(

  7. Back in the Dayton area, we’re having awful weather today. 80mph winds, baseball-sized hail, tornado warnings galore. My car is covered in dents from the hail. We’re supposed to have another huge storm system coming through at around midnight. (If you know anyone in the area, call them and make sure they make it to a safe place.)

  8. I’m hoping everything is okay at the Scalzi compound tonight. There were tornado watches, tornado warnings, and thunderstorm warnings. You should see the baseball sized hail (srsly!) pictures on the local television station websites. We’re under a tornado & thunderstorm watch thru 4am tonight, too.

  9. Might make it to Poisoned Pen. Or I might be all Responsible and Adult, and spend the weekend working on a project that I’m way behind on and that should end up putting money in the bank.

    Responsibility sucks.

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