The “Fuzzy Man” Remix Contest!

Surely you remember how Paul & Storm wrote me a simply magnificent power ballad for my novel Fuzzy Nation? You do? Excellent. Well, now Paul & Storm are taking it to the next level and asking you — yes, you! — to remix their awesome song for a contest in which fabulous prizes will be given, including but not limited to signed, personalized editions of Fuzzy Nation and other Scalzi books.

You want details. Well, I want to give you details. And you can find all the details here, at the Paul & Storm remix contest page. Download the raw files, work your remix magic, and offer up your own version by 11:59, June 14, 2011. I’ll be looking forward to your beats and bloops and other musical thingies. Good luck, and tell all your friends.

And for those of you who somehow have managed not to hear the glorious awesomeness of the original, feast your ears, baby. Feast your ears:

6 Comments on “The “Fuzzy Man” Remix Contest!”

  1. It’s true, the original was pretty awesome.

    Found in a local bookstore (Walden Pond Books in Oakland, CA) a used copy of the very edition of “Little Fuzzy” I owned 30-some years ago, and enjoyed reacquainting myself with it. Homework in preparation for reading “Fuzzy Nation.”

  2. Just started Fuzzy Nation today, it’s the first book by John Scalzi that I’ve read. I’m a Brandon Sanderson fan and I seem to recall this should prohibit me from enjoying this book? (I think Scalzi is Brandon’s nemesis or some such nonsense.)

    Anyway, I’m about a hour of reading into it, and I’m really enjoying it. Time to grab another Scalzi book to read when I’m done, any recommendations?

  3. Nick@3… I started with Agent To The Stars. Possibly his funniest. OMW is his most well known work, and it is very, very good.

  4. And….finished fuzzy nation yesterday. Haven’t read a whole book in a single day in a while! I really enjoyed it. Does most of John’s writing share the same light and humorous tone?

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