Phoenix Bookstore Appearance Reminder + Phoenix Comicon Update

The Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man wishes to remind you that I will be making my final book tour appearance tonight at 5pm at the Poisoned Pen bookstore in Scottsdale, Arizona. Accompanying me will be Sam Sykes! It will be fun! Come or the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man might step on a church! And we can’t have that. I may be an agnostic, but even I think that’s rude.

Phoenix Comicon has been delightful so far. My time has been spent hanging about at my signing station and then occasionally going to panels, all of which have been very good so far — and I’m happy to say I remain undefeated in “Just a Minute,” a convention adaptation of a very popular British radio game show. Our version was hosted by the ever-genial Paul Cornell, who was fun to try to flummox in various ways. And while I won the game, it was Robert J. Sawyer who won the audience’s hearts with ability to discourse, encyclopedia-like, on any subject thrown his way. Seriously, the man’s like a Wikipedia with legs, at least on the subjects of science fiction and fantasy.

The highlight of the convention for me (so far, anyway) was watching Wil Wheaton perform a live and deeply amusing dramatic version of his “Clash of the Geeks” story, “The Last Unicorn (Pegasus Kitten).” Dude nailed. It’s almost like he was, you know, an actor or something. It’s also fun to be part of the Wheaton entourage here at the Comicon, since Wil knows a huge amount of really interesting people, so I get to meet them too while I’m here.

Today’s schedule: two panels (one on the Big Idea, one in which I do a reading for the Comicon attendees), one interview and then the reading in the early evening, followed by dinner, sleep and then a flight home, assuming the gods of Memorial Day Weekend Travel in fact let that happen. We shall see. But for the moment: Having fun.

Your weekend so far? Tell me everything. Omit nothing.


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  1. I’m working & waiting to see if we have an afternoon rush ths Saturday. I work at a public Library and we are in that in that Holiday weekend/school lets out next week/Summer Reading Program starts next week odd kind of mood. Mornings are quiet, but afternoons are unpredictable. If I could have slept til 10 or 12 before coming in, I would have too. But.. someone has to do this Library stuff and we wouldn’t be here if we didn’t like it.

  2. My weekend so far is the same as last weekend, still trying to write the Preface to The Worlds of Philip Jose Farmer 2: Of Dust and Soul. Actually making progress today though…

  3. Hey Janette at #1, I’m working at my public library, too. Our Summer Reading Program kicked off this past week and we’ve been very busy—we like to think of it as job insurance!

    And my weekend? What weekend? I’m working today, working tomorrow, off Monday and not looking forward to a training class on Tuesday. On the plus side, I’m almost over my post-vacation depression. For a day or so, I really, really wanted to be back in Toronto. It was nice to cuddle my own cats again (and they let me know how annoyed they were that I had left), but the hot, dry weather here is a pain.

  4. It was great meeting you thursday night, and i too think wil might have a shot at this acting thing after his dramatic reading. Having a great time at the Con, and I hope to catch your panel later today.

  5. My weekend is going to be pretty quiet hopefully. Finished reading Fuzzy this morning around 2am, slept. Going to help a friend pick up a clothes rack… er treadmill today and then go out to lunch. Tomorrow is dinner out with the family for my birthday which shall be delicious food even if I have to put up with the family.

  6. I’ve spent the day curled up in my favorite chair, watching cartoons with my three year old grandson. Ahhhh the sweet life! What more could a g’ma ask for?!

  7. I spent Friday night eating good thai food and seeing Kung Fu Panda 2. Seriously, go and see it with your family when you get home from the tour. I enjoyed it just as much as the first movie. Normally I find Jack Black annoying, but he’s not so bad as a panda. It has to do with the fact that in most of his movies, it’s Jack Black being Jack Black as opposed to being the character. In Kung Fu Panda it’s Jack Black being Po instead. Same with a lot of the other voices. I had no idea that Gary Oldman was the voice of the villain until the very end.

    Now I’m off to beat people up with sticks, also known as kendo!

  8. Add me to the list of library workers. We haven’t started summer reading yet and the library is completely empty except for two of my kids and one of their friends. We have had a couple of others wander through, but I guess I’m getting paid to reply to blogs today. I am also finishing up creating our new website, so it’s not a complete waste. Hoping the emergency dentist appointment this morning for my son is the end of our medical fun for the month. I plan on taking a nap, shopping with my daughter, and enjoying the rest of my weekend.

  9. Completed first round of weekend yard work this morning so I can devote the afternoon to starting the last few chapters of my latest novel which I hope to have finished by next Friday, when I’ll get the editing notes back from my agent on my last novel. My reward for finishing this book will also include getting to sit down with my copy of Fuzzy Nation, which is sitting on my shelf, staring at me. Tormenting me. I cannot read it until this book is done, damn it! It’s the carrot and the stick.

  10. My sister’s in town and last night a cousin was here from Traverse City so mom and dad took us all out to dinner at Knight’s, a local steakhouse where it turns out a slightly more distant cousin (but still our generation) works as a cook. The state of Michigan is really just a small town.

    Today, Rosie has been violently resisting napping (literally- she bit Brian when he tried to get her to go to sleep) but is asleep now in my lap, so i’m typing one-handed. I’m pretty good at that these days, actually…

  11. Put my 2 younger daughters on the Amtrak to DC last night (one is coming back Monday, the other is flying to Moscow to study Russian for the summer). Came home and am mostly lying low trying to recover from bronchitis. Husband, who has also started to cough, is taking it easy as well. Of course with 4 dogs, 4 cats and a houseful of laundry and dishes we didn’t get to because I was sick LAST week (but had to work anyway) “taking it easy” is a relative concept.

    BTW: Go, all you librarians!! W00T!

    p.s. youngest kid read Fuzzy Nation right before she left and enjoyed it very much. So John has a new fan.

  12. I decided yesterday to have a yardwork-guilt-free weekend, and am enjoying it so far. I ran a few errands, and stopped on a whim at the antique mall, where I found some cool things. Now home to putter around, undisturbed by anything save cats who feel cheated that my arrival home didn’t immediately cue their dinner. (I think they need to wait until at least 4pm!)

    Meanwhile, I’m intrigued by the number of librarians in this small sample. I too am a librarian, although I work for a software company, rather than a public library, so my weekends are generally my own.

  13. Mow the lawn. Sweep the front walk. Fix the fence. Clean the pool. Clean out closet of old clothes.

  14. My weekend? Cute kids: +2. Promise of good social interaction: +2. Stupid moment of mood-destroying behavior from someone who ought to know better: -2. So I’m still up for the weekend, though I really hate being stressed out.

  15. Hmmm. Today, I’m making food to last us through the long weekend (potato salad and baked beans, to go with barbecued meat), sorting through clean clothes and putting them away, and trying to get some layout work done — plus maybe some reading.

    Tomorrow, I’m going to go cheer on my alma mater’s crew team as they try to win the national championship and then, when I get home, probably do some more reading and layout work if I’m not completely exhausted.

    Monday is the first attempts at cleaning out and straightening my closet. Whee!

    And that’s about what my weekend looks like. I wish I was at Baycon, but it’s just not happening this year — Reno is eating most of the funds I have for fun.

  16. Rode 32 miles on my bike this morning, without falling off. A new record. My brother recommended your work, so I started with Fuzzy Nation last week. I’m a long-time fan of Little Fuzzy, so I had some trepidation, but I was extremely impressed with your version. Well done, sir, and thank you.

  17. Mowed the lawn this morning, which has caused my allergies to act up all day. Edited a bit of a programming book, because I’m slightly behind schedule. Took a short nap in an effort to clear allergy-related fuzziness from my brain, which was impeding the editing — mostly worked.

    Best activity so far, though: took my kid to see Kung Fu Panda 2. I enjoyed it immensely. Gary Oldman is fantastic as the villain. Also, Angelina Jolie’s character is totally adorable, which I didn’t think was possible (I admit it; she frightens me).

  18. Packing for the move from the Southwest back to the good ol’ Midwest I’ve missed so much. On the agenda before leaving: ice cream, stargazing, and hot springs. Possibly all at once!

  19. I finally resuming posting articles to my blog after a 3 week break. When I’m in the mood, I love working on it but I probably need to have a more frequent (weekly) posting schedule. Certainly not running out of topics yet, luckily. How do others get the needed focus? I spend several hours per article making sure I like the flow of it and putting pics in. But I know it would help me to update more often. I guess, like all other writing, I just have to DO IT. Every week.

    Aside from that, the weather here in upstate NY is hot and sticky, with night time storms almost every day lately. I took an extra day off so I have a 4 day weekend. I don’t have anything definite planned, just relaxing.

  20. “resumed”. Ah, for a preview button.
    Brian, I’m glad to hear you enjoyed Kung Fu Panda 2, I had seen some nasty reviews. I really loved the first one, so perhaps the wife and I will get out of the hot weather this week and see it.

  21. Weekend has been loads of happy. Went to the Italian market and filled my face with canoli, then bought some tri-color pasta for dinner (and the wee wonder is excited about eating it for a change) did some work in the garden (super excited about the garbage can potatoes) and then went for a bike ride with the kids and had slurpees…. yes my weekends have changed a lot since I had kids!

  22. had coffee and then wrangled the children, sunscreen, and a wagon full of seedlings i grew from seed in my very own windows together and away to the community garden down the road. we left the house at 9:30 am.

    we weeded our plot (#70–two years ago my birthday present was hubby making it a coat of arms. [wait for it….] it’s my Plot’s Device), watered the babies (really i was watering a communal tree, but the babies kept running between the hose and the tree and giggling, and it was So Adorable i couldn’t stop until the tree was looking a little water-logged) replanted the bulbs the squirrels nibbled and threw away because i’m a hopeless optimist, and ended up donating half our bottle of sunscreen to a dozen teenagers who were getting their volunteer hours requirement done by helping in the community plot. teenagers have very long arms and legs. of course, my seven year old insisted on helping them, which is how he got blue paint on his arm. i think the sunburn crescent just under his chin would have happened however he spent the afternoon.

    gave away some garlic bulbs, some rose blossoms, and opinions (let’s not buy red mulch to go around the communal trees). also participated in a spontaneous baby parade around the garden (This is the parade that never ends, yes it goes on and on my friends…) and got everyone home around 6 pm with only minor injuries.

    hoping there will be drinks later this evening involving the pear cider chilling in the fridge. Friday morning I sent out my manuscript to the first agent to be intrigued by my query letter and request it. I’ve been feeling like a proper writer for several months now, (fail, fail better, keep failing…) this is the first time someone who didn’t already love me suggested that my story might be a success on its own.

    i plan to continue to be excited about this through the rest of the weekend. :D

  23. Fell in love with a book so deeply that for the first time I looked up the publisher, ran to the library and searched the catalog for anything by the publisher. The book was The Elegance of the Hedgehog and it’s the only book in my life I tried to read slowly to make it last longer.

    One of my cats radioed via Feline Network that he is bored, and several fuzzy friends have come up to the door to ask if he can come out to play. The jays are squawking like talk-show hosts.

  24. Working, feed the cats, shower, eat.
    Working, feed the cats, shower, eat.


  25. Let’s see, it’s been over 100F for a couple of days and the freon line on my AC unit keeps freezing, so that’s fun. I went to an event at Cherrywood Coffeehouse here in Austin to witness what was basically Flash Fiction done LIVE. The audience presented some topics, and members of a writing group who meets there regularly, as well as anyone who wished to join in, would write about it for 10-15 minutes, then stand up and perform a reading. I thought it was a great idea.

    Oh and coincidentally I’ve been reading that very story (The Unicorn Pegasus Kitten one), so it’s almost like I’m there. Sorta.

  26. I’ve been reading The Steampunk Bible by Jeff VanderMeer. From the author’s enthusiasm and the gorgeous illustrations / photos I’m now convinced that steampunk will crush all other types of science fiction within a matter of months and relegate them to obscurity. (Your own books included. Sorry about that.) The movie of Old Man’s War will now see the skip drive fitted to interstellar zeppelins, and Jane Sagan wearing a battle corset.

  27. My weekend so far? Overslept. Made tie dye. Futzed around on the internet. Worked in the garden. Fiddled with beads. Drank a beer. Futzed around on the internet some more. Overslept again (my weekend started on Friday, why do you ask?). Ate ice cream. Made more tie dye. Futzed around on the internet some more. Knitted. Petted the cats. Repetitively pushed the ‘reload’ button on the internet to see whether anything else had happened since the last time I pushed it.

    Plans for the rest of the weekend include oversleeping a couple more times, futzing around on the internet, and possibly making more tie dye. And a committee meeting.

    Don’t be jealous of my fascinating life. :P

  28. Friday was the last day of school and it felt good to have the classroom all packed up for the summer.

    Slept in today, had brunch on the back porch looking out over the forest. We’re on day two of a heat wave, hit 95F today with no breeze.

    Just taking it easy, playing a few board games, catching up on my reading, and drinking a variety of drinks.

  29. Watched Doctor Who. Highlight of my Saturday :-) Also saw (most of) Silence of the Lambs again – was nice to remember the old days before Anthony Hopkins started phoning it in.

  30. Me? I spent the morning listening to John Scalzi talk about THE BIG IDEA and reading from his…UPCOMING BOOK. I will say no more about that subject other than to note that it sounded terrific and once I know more about the release date, I will gain even more excitement than I currently have for the upcoming book. That Scalzi guy seems to be on to something.

  31. Earlier, I had this thing with my tummy. Now resolved, but it was a close thing, may have had something to do with my calling it “my tummy”. Later, made an unsolicited attack of the typed type on Marie Digby, Sara Bareilles, Ingrid Michaelson, & Lenka. It was resolved via a song by Carly Simon. Also, there was BBQ, dill mashed potato’s, maple carrots, and sirloin. Very good day.

  32. Husband and myself enjoying our anniversary this weekend. Movies and food, Yay!

  33. I’m sure these solicitations are for a future book, “Your Weekends will be Graded”.

  34. Three years after our daughter was born, I finally, finally, finally got my wife to take a weekend off. I don’t know why this is so hard for her. I manage the kids just fine, always have. Wait, is that smoke?

  35. Ran a marathon. Honestly. Yesterday. My first. Today I resemble an athritic land-crab.

  36. My weekend so far – on Saturday left the house early, hopped a bus into Decatur (GA) and spent the morning blissfully wandering through the Decatur Arts Festival. Lovely show, spent too much money on marvelous handmade things from exceptionally creative & talented artists. Found a visited a few local shops as well. Had lunch while there at my favorite food stand, a local outfit that serves corn-dogs and lemonade – corn-dog batter is hand-dipped and lighter than air, leamonade fresh squeezed with just the perfect balance of tart + sweet. Last stop was Moosehead Popcorn Co for a bag of fresh creme brulee popcorn. Fluffy clouds kept the temperature in the tolerable range whilest wandering about and I was able to stay longer before heading home to hide from the 90’s later in the day. Perfect day.

    Today is a lazy Sunday at home as I have tomorrow off. And tomorrow I may have to go find a movie theater in which to amuse myself for a while.

  37. watched state high school rugby playoff game (kid lost but fun)–Noodles and Co dinner–watched Craig Ferguson standup on Netflix and fell asleep–sprayed weeds in yard–took other kid to work at amusement park–went to Walmart, wished self dead–ate Dubliner cheese with crackers–purchased graduation gift for Other other kid–played Beatles Rock Band on Wii with Other other other kids (broken yellow cymbal, no fail mode required)–Did neighborhood watch patrol with wife at midnight while listening to Harry Dresden audiobook, kicked some college kids out of the parking lot for “Parking” as opposed to “parking” in said lot.

  38. Doing non-work related reading this weekend and watching movies and tv. Finished Daniel Abraham’s The Dragon’s Path yesterday (recommended), and reading Joe R. Lansdale’s Vanilla Ride today.


  39. Yet another library personnel-person getting ready for SRP. I am, however, abandoning ship this weekend for our annual gaming weekend, wherein we collect up friends from all over and cart them off to a distant locale for gaming yakking, and eating and drinking very well. This year, due to economic vagaries, the remote locale isn’t so remote, but we are still eating and drinking well, and we get to see friends we haven’t seen since last year. I created pre-registration packets to hand out for SRP, so I don’t feel very guilty.

  40. Thoroughly enjoyed the Phoenix Comicon this weekend, including the mentioned storytime with Wil Wheaton and your spotlight and reading of the super secret upcoming book. I must say we may need to make a habit of these conventions in the future and even my non-sci-fi reading wife (but sci-fi tv watching) is now interested in your books. MIssion accomplished I believe! Hope to see you at a future convention.

  41. Solar panels and all tie-ins to the grid finished. Paperwork from local utilities complete and ready to mail to the state on Tuesday for the 10% tax credit (that is in addition to the 30% tax credit from the Fed). Averaging 65kW per day…. after six months of working on my photovoltaic solar project, I am finished.

  42. Saturday & (most of) Sunday were spent at the Drawbridge Inn in Fort Mitchell, KY, at an SCA event. We had a big art fair Saturday, then a big tournament Sunday where we got a new prince and princess. Big doings in the Middle Kingdom.

    I bought and had Little Fuzzy signed at the Dayton signing, (and brought you the obligatory Coke Zero offering – thanks again to Krissy for bringing birthday cupcakes!). I read Little Fuzzy yesterday evening & today, and absolutely loved it! I now need to re-read all of H. Beam Piper’s books, starting with his Fuzzy books. I’m thinking somewhere, Beam is sitting with Papa and smiling. :)

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