On My Way Home

If you will make a sacrifice on my behalf to the Memorial Day Travel Gods, I would be obliged. I had a wonderful time with all y’all the last three weeks. But now I would like to be home.

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  1. The Memorial Day travel gods are cruel and uncaring. They know they will have many patrons regardless of their actions. For example, my first Memorial Day in the Army, they abandoned me entirely. The day before, I was in Seattle. When I arrived in Korea, it was the day after.
    Nonetheless, here’s hoping for good travel.

  2. I will sacrifice several racks of baby back ribs (and some roasted corn) on the barbecue to the travel gods : ) May you have fair winds and following seas.

  3. Ah – will have to dwell on the stateside traffic while enjoying the Corvina and cool drinks!! Sorry John! No traffic down here.

  4. Good luck with the travel! The kitties are either going to be real happy to see you or they’ll give you the flick-of-the-tail brushoff. The dog will probably just slobber in joy.

  5. I sacrificed my right front tire for you. I hope it pays off.

    (on the upside, I learned how to change a tire).

  6. Didn’t TOR tell you? Your “Fuzzy Nation” book tour was such a success that they have added twelve more cities. Ottawa, here you come.

  7. I sacrificed three beers to Daffy Duck, aka the ‘Egyptian God of Frustration.’ *

    Jeff Conaway died a few days ago. happened tombe watching a re-run of Babylon 5 last night, the episode where he tells the alien what the picture of Daffy Duck signifies. Laughed through my tears…

    Anyway, happy trails, John.

  8. I spent 15 hours & 8 gate changes in Newark Airport trying to get home on Friday, which resulted in us scrubbing both of our planned weekend activities due to inability to hit subsequent timing dependencies. Hopefully I have soaked up all the free-floating “not getting home smoothly on Memorial Day Weekend” karma, so there will be none left to attach itself to you!

    (I’m spending the weekend doing very little and enjoying it tremendously, so it’s not an unmitigated disaster. But still enough to renew my virulent hatred of traveling on holiday weekends.)

  9. I asked the Travel Gods what sacrifice they prefer, and each one of them said the same thing: “Give unto us a science fiction writer with thinning hair.” A shame, really.

  10. Thanks for the NY Public Library event, your reading with a blown voice, signing my book and taking a picture with me to add to my geek cred above all my friends.

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