Home, 5/30/11

Why it’s nice to be back (in case there was any doubt).


Housekeeping, 5/30/11

Some quick notes for today:

1. Yay! I’m home! I know, this is a repeat from the note last night, but I think it bears repeating. I’ve been on tour since the 10th, and actively away from home since the 13th, so being in my house with nowhere else I need to be between now and the end of the month just seems like a very excellent luxury. I’m wallowing in it, people. Wallowing.

2. During my tour (i.e., for the last three weeks), I’ve not been going through my e-mail as thoroughly as I usually do and thus have probably missed a number of e-mails. I’ll be going down the list of e-mails today (sort of) and tomorrow (more actively), so if you sent an e-mail to me that you were hoping to get a response for, and you don’t have it by noon, Eastern time, Wednesday, June 1, go ahead and resend it because by that time you can assume I have entirely missed it.

3. Likewise, as regards Whatever, as of now, I am off the “All Tour and Book, All the Time” programming and will actually start writing about stuff that’s not about either of those because, no offense to either the book and tour, but I’m pretty much tired of both at this point and wouldn’t mind about blathering on something else, and since I’m now back at home I can actually start paying attention to what’s going on in the rest of the world. That’s right, the tour bubble is officially popped! Now I can finally find out who won American Idol!

(Note: I don’t actually care who won American Idol. Don’t bother telling me.)

4. That said, let me offer my final appreciation and gratitude to everyone who did come to see me while I was on tour, and who picked up the book and made it as much of a success as it has been to this point. I had a grand time on the tour, going out and about and seeing everyone. Three weeks away from home is a lot of time, but it was also time very well spent in my opinion. I wouldn’t have missed it. So thank you. Really. Thank you.

And now I’m going to go wander the yard with the child. Catch up with you all a bit later.

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