The Final Fuzzy Nation Giveaway

May is coming to a close and with it my month of releasing Fuzzy Nation and touring all across the country to support it. You all have been amazing in your enthusiasm and support, and to show my appreciation for you all, and in conjunction with my friends at Subterranean Press, are offering one last Fuzzy Nation giveaway. For this one, I have ten — count them! Ten! — copies of the novel to give away. You could win one! Yes, you!

Here’s how it will go down:

1. You post a comment in the comment thread. One post per person — multiple postings will disqualify you. If your comment does not immediately post, don’t panic; it may be caught in the moderation queue. I will go through and release them.

2. Post it by 12pm Eastern Time, June 1, 2011.

3. After that time, I will select the winners based on a number-based selection criterion that I have already explained to Bill Shafer, the publisher of Subterranean Press, who is sponsoring the contest. Of the selection criterion, Bill said, “Crap. That’s ingenious. I would have given them away for the most creative (but not obscene) uses of the word mutton.” So you know it’s good. In case of a disqualification (enter only once, folks), the comment at the number above the disqualified comment will win.

4. I’ll e-mail the winners and get their mailing addresses. We’ll then send off the copies! Happy reading!

So, really, all you have to do is post a comment. It’s just that easy.

Good luck!

1706 Comments on “The Final Fuzzy Nation Giveaway”

  1. Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.–Albert Einstein

  2. I already have a copy, but would love a second one to give to friends.

  3. So if a sheep is shaved with mutton chop side burns, does it become meta-mutton-chop-mutton?

  4. Like Journey says, Some will pay anything to roll the dice, just one more time. But since this is free, I can keep the money for milk and turkey sandwiches. Also, some bacon for the fuzzies.

  5. Comment, for our local library. (Although admittedly, if these are signed, I’d likely give the library my mundane, muttonous, unsigned copy.)

  6. I have sideburns, but if need be I will grow mutton chops if that helps me win this contest.

  7. I just finished it (borrowed from the library) and it was very good. I’d love to own a copy!!!!

  8. harder than expected to make my comment number fall in the Fibonacci sequence.

  9. Great work on Fuzzy Nation! Loved it. Definitely shows some nice tweaks on the original. Especially wish Carl could talk. Maybe the Fuzzies can teach him someday.

  10. Really looking forward to reading the book. A free copy sure would be awesome. :)

  11. This is a comment. A comment that gives me a chance to win a seriously cool book. I like this comment.

  12. I can win this time, yes?? We share birth month and year (you’re 10 days older), so I think I should win!!

  13. I was going to choose Fuzzy Nation as the first full novel to put on the Kindle I got for my birthday. I’ll risk winning a non digital copy here …

  14. I’m having a BBQ on Saturday. A nice book to read while I’m working the smoker would be perfect. :)

  15. If all I have to do is post, then writing stalkerishly fawing fanboy sentiments about Old Man’s War and its sequels will neither improve nor decrease my chances? What’s the fun in that?

    But, FWIW, my copies of OMW, TGB, and TLC are among the most worn books on my bookshelf. I can just imagine that Fuzzy Nation will have pride of place next to such august examples of Sci-Fi-literary awesomeness. Just saying.

  16. I haven’t read it yet and a free copy would make it first on be to-be-read list.

  17. Yea…one more chance. I keep entering these contests, and never win. I must be a “mutton” for punishment.

  18. A comment here is like a lottery ticket, right? Are the chances of winning the same, I wonder? ;-)

  19. Well, I am more than capable of making a comment. It’s harder to make me stop talking. However, I suck at contests so I’m pretty sure I’m going to lose anyway. (Yes, my glass is half-empty, why do you ask?)

  20. Thanks for the “reboot”! I have always loved reading about little Fuzzy, ever since I was a li’l one myself.

  21. I ordered the audiobook on Audible (which comes with a free audio of H Beam Piper’s ‘Little Fuzzy’ and I have to say that I can’t believe I’ve found the willpower to listen to ‘Little Fuzzy’ first! I’m really enjoying it, but I also can’t wait to get to Fuzzy Nation, so it’s kind of a sweet torment.

  22. If you’re in love with mutton, does that mean that you’re smutton…

    …er, no, never mind, scratch that. *cough*

  23. Snape kills Trinity with Rosebud and then flies away from Casablanca with his lover 42.

  24. Now I’m curious about the number selection criteria you’ve come up with. I hope you explain it after the contest!

  25. I know I’m going to buy it, but my book allowance is small and I’ll have to wait a bit, so I’ll happily take free!

  26. Looking forward to reading Fuzzy Nation. Getting a free copy would be icing on the cake :-D

  27. Oh yay! Ingenious numbers based selection criterion for an ingenious clever novel I admire the symmetry. I’m in!

  28. I will gladly pay you next Tuesday for a copy of Fuzzy Nation this Tuesday. Also, it’s Tuesday.

  29. Yay for Fuzzies!!! :D I have other books about the Fuzzies at home and this would go wonderfully with them. ^.^

  30. I would love a copy… I ordered mine from Indigo and it still hasn’t arrived :(

  31. I’m already listening to Wil Wheaton read the audiobook, so in all fairness I don’t need the book itself. I can live without the wonderful, tangible feeling of a real book in my hands. But life isn’t just about needs.

  32. Maybe the first 10 prime numbered comments, hmmm, that would be: 2 3 5 7 11 13 17 19 23 29 ….damn, already lost.

  33. One more chance HUZZAH! And if this does not pan out I shall go make me a meat eater’s BLT sandwich in consolation (Bacon, Lamb and Turkey).

  34. I personally don’t get the appeal of mutton. I do, however, get the appeal of Fuzzy Nation. So, make of that what you will.

  35. I love mutton! Not in a carnal way, you sickos! But in a tasty, tender yummy OM NOM NOM sort of way. So yeah, I hope I win.

  36. If I win I am just going to spend 10 minutes fanning the pages against my mutton chops. Which I will grow if I win.

  37. I was privy to a conversation this weekend wherein it was asserted that there is a very real possibility of a mutton chop-related apocalypse in our near future. A muttonchopocalypse, if you will.

    I’d say it made sense if you were there, but really… it didn’t.

  38. Another chance! Are these signed copies, perchance? I already have a Kindle copy, but would love a hard copy.

  39. So it’s a combination of “just enter” and “guess the number in my head” contest. Hmmm. I wonder if this time my number will be up? Oh wait, that isn’t always a good thing, is it?

  40. I heard you like comments about your comments in the comments, so I made a comment commenting about your comment’s comments.

    … and then I pulled Xzibit out of my head like Bones pulling a mindworm out of Checkov’s ear.

  41. This is my comment. There are many like it, but this one is mine. It contains no reference to “mutton” in any form.

  42. It’s too darn hot. It’s too darn hot. I’d like to sup with my baby tonight, light the pup with my baby tonight, but I’m not up for my baby tonight, because it’s too. Darn. Hot.

  43. My library doesn’t own a copy of Fuzzy Nation, which is a tragedy of near Shakespearean proportions. Thus, I think whatever number at which I happen to land should be the winner.

    On the other hand, my library owns nearly all of your other fiction releases and insists they will acquire Fuzzy Nation SOMEDAY (probably sooner rather than later, since I keep asking for it). So, you know, it’s all good.

  44. Will I win today?
    Want to read Fuzzy Nation

    A haiku for you
    Creator of worlds so real
    Love all your works

  45. I LOVE free stuff. And mutton. And especially free mutton. But, mostly, free stuff.

  46. Oh, why not. I need more books to read; the to-read shelf is only just taking over the shelf next to it. It needs some help.

  47. If you give me a copy, I’ll read it. And I’ll also talk about it on the interwebses. Thanks!

  48. I’m grateful that the giveaway is not based on creativity, ’cause I got mutton.

  49. I hope the guy below me fucks up and gets disqualified.

    I’m jut sayin’

  50. I already have Fuzzy Nation sitting next to my bed, waiting for my early July vacation. I have exercised self-control; I’ve only ready the first chapter. If I were to win this contest (Whoo-Hoo!) I’m sure I could find a place for the original copy. It’d be a nice problem to have, come to think of it.

  51. If not an ARC, can I at least get an MLT? Nice and lean, like you do.

  52. I for one am shocked at the wanton egotism on display by John Scalzi. What’s next, a “Like” button next to a soft focus picture of this dangerous egomaniac staring off into the middle distance, captioned by the phrase “Do you liek mai glamoure shot Y/N”? You’re wasting all our precious internets. This is madness.

  53. We do what we do BEST in Vegas… we GAMBLE! Hoping my comment is one of the ten lucky winners.

  54. I’m intrigued to find out what this ingenious number selection method is.

  55. I would really love to read this book. I read the original by H. Beam Piper and would like to see in what way Mr. Scalzi’s version differs.

    That and, hey free book.

  56. Mutton going on but the rent today. Would love to get a copy of your book. Enjoyed seeing you at Phoenix ComiCon this weekend! I hope you enjoyed our fine city.

    Thank you.

  57. In the event of me actually winning a copy, I plan to celebrate the victory by drinking fuzzy navels while chowing down on a mutton burger.

  58. Finally, a contest that doesn’t require me to be creative or guess at anything. I can win this.

  59. Will my copy be signed! That would be awesome. I read the original book back in the 80’s.

  60. One more try, everything I’ve heard about the book is that it’s great! And welcome back from the book tour.

  61. I’m planning to buy a copy, having read the original stories by H. Beam Piper in the mid 70’s. But, free is always good.

  62. Hrmmm…well, let’s quote Shakespeare…. “Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? Thou art more lovely and more temperate…” Especially if I win a book ;)

  63. Now we need to get him to fabricate Fuzzy plushies, so we could make a plushy army and take the world.

  64. Purchased a copy, but would love to have one to give away as a gift. Or horde as my precious.

    Either works.

  65. I fed the mutton to the mutt on muh ton of smut, only to be besmut on the whole gamut on the pile of mutton. That’s my comment and I’m sticking with it.

  66. I’ve read all the books of the Old Man’s War universe, Agent to the Stars, and The Androids Dream.

    Haven’t gotten to the The God Engines yet.

    Thanks for the chance to read Fuzzy Nation.

  67. There’s nothing like a nice MLT – mutton, lettuce and tomato sandwich, where the mutton is nice and lean…

  68. If I don’t get the book, I’ll take a leftover cupcake from your birthday

  69. So I should post multiple times, explaining in each why I like mutton?

  70. Q: Is not the grease of a mutton as wholesome as the sweat of a man?
    A: No.

  71. Here’s to the ehnd of my bad luck streak for not winning free books on the Intarwubz!

  72. Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.

    (I know that the amusement factor of my comment is irrelevant to my odds of winning, and so I choose to amuse myself. Ha! So there!)

  73. I love the idea of mutton, but I love even more the idea of winning a hard copy of that book! :D Cheers and a happy upcoming June John!

  74. Read the original “Little Fuzzy” back in high school (which was way to long ago). Also read the rest of the Fuzzy series. Looking forward to the latest incarnation!

  75. This would make my week! I’ve been on the library waiting list for it since a week or so before it was released.

  76. I have a copy of Little Fuzzy amongst the rest of my collection of 1970’s SF Book Club books. Little Fuzzy is next in line to be re-read (because of Fuzzy Nation, of course), and I’d LOVE to have Fuzzy Nation to read after I finish it. If I don’t win a copy, I’ll go buy one of course—it will sit near all the other Scalzi books I own. Not right next to them, because I’m not THAT organized.

  77. Hmmm…since there is no containers of esteefee involved here and I am no longer buying DTB books what if when I win a copy it gets donated to an area high school or other school then ya send me a ebook version? To be honest for me it’s not about being green as much as I enjoying a move to a more minimalist lifestyle in terms of possessions. As I replace my books I am giving away all my old DTB copies…it’s fun to know I am not gonna worry about ever seeing a lent book come back in the same condition or at all!! ;)

    Of course and promo Shoddabags would be nice to use as market bags too… :D

  78. Well, since it is just that easy, I will comply and submit myself for random winning. Thanks.

  79. The announcement of Fuzzy Nation led me to reread Little Fuzzy for the first time in 30 years. Thanks for that bit of nostalgia!

  80. Thanks for coming to Phoenix Comicon this weekend, giving a highly entertaining panel/reading, answering my wife’s question about pony glitter, and signing my book. :)

  81. What kind of meat is mutton, exactly? I’ve only ever seen it on television or in video games, so it’s sort of a mystery meat to me.

  82. I didn’t get mutton for Christmas but a lump o’ coal, ’cause I short-sheeted everybodys’ bed.

  83. I would like a free book, because books are my Very Favorite Thing in the World.

  84. I would love a copy, and as for Mutton… well chops to that! (i’m great I know!)

  85. My stack of books to read is over 200 deep. I fear I’ll never get through them. Yet my favorite authors keep writing awesome books, so it’s hard to stop getting them. But I have to admit: Fuzzy Nation would easily move to the top of that stack if it happened to show up at my house…

  86. Mutton does have an alarming tendency to dress up as lamb, however….

  87. I would love a copy. I had planned to go to Dreamhaven books this weekend to get one but I didn’t make it there.

  88. My little mutton is as cute as a button. Oh wait, that sounds naughty.

  89. Man, am I glad you went with your idea. I’m not sure I could have come up with something clever involving the word mutton.

  90. There was a young boy called Glutton
    Who sure liked the taste of his mutton
    He ate from the pot
    And fattened he got
    Til one day exploded his button

  91. Here’s my mutton — er, contest entry.

    Last month I won a cake, so my luck seems to be trending upwards. Go, me!

  92. Here’s hoping you pick me (fingers crossed–which makes it very hard to type!)

  93. I’ve read three Scalzi novels. That is three more novels than I have read by Thomas Jefferson, Martin Luther, Matthew Weiner and Jesus combined.

  94. This comment has nothing to do with mutton, but everything to do with a great book..

  95. I did buy the book already (planning on reading it this weekend) but I’m hoping the giveaway copy is signed. ;)

  96. So… mutton eh? Can’t say I’ve ever tried that. :3 Bison, now that’s the nom!

  97. You have multiple copies of Fuzzy Nation and you’re just GIVING THEM AWAY?!?! Sign me up, PLEASE!

  98. Here is my comment, I am sorry I couldn’t come up with something good!

  99. Even I could win one? Naw, you must mean someone else… “Yes, you!” Well, I’m sold! Yes, please!

  100. He could be picking prime numbers to win, in which case, I’m pretty much borked. Ah, well.

  101. I had a copy of the original children’s book version of Little Fuzzy, and I can’t wait to see your take on it.

  102. Well, since begging and creativity don’t matter for this, I’ll throw them in, gratis.
    Please! I am a proud owner of the original version by Piper, and would love to see how you have expanded on Jack.

    I aim’t had mutton but muffins for breakfast.

  103. Yes. Please.

    (So does Bill Shafer kill his own sheep? On second thought, don’t answer that.)

  104. I’m gonna read this book no matter what, but I like winning stuff too!!!!

  105. Would love to get one here to Iceland. Since we have turned of the night for the summer. It would be great to have something new to read under the midnight sun.

  106. Mutton mutton mutton mutton mutton mutton mutton mutton mutton mutton mutton….

  107. Does publisher Bill have mutton chops? Or perhaps he likes a good side of mutton drenched in HP Sauce?

  108. There once was a couple from Sutton
    Who raised sheep to profit from mutton
    The wife grinned and stared
    Her husband’s anger flared
    “That sheep is as cute as a button.”

  109. If I win, I promise I will use it only for good, and not for purposes of gloating and/or world domination.

  110. i got hooked on your writing a year or so ago when did some free ebook give aways. i would love the opportunity to enjoy your writting again.

  111. Already read Little Fuzzy. But who says no to a free SIGNED copy?

  112. “Mutton yesterday, mutton today, and blimey, if it don’t look like mutton again tomorrer.”
    OK OK I stole it from the Hobbit, but I have always loved that line, especially in the carton version of the movie

  113. A comment, posted.

    “The problem with internet quotes, is the difficulty in verifying their authenticity” – Abraham Lincoln

  114. I’m almost as curious about the “number-based selection criterion” as I am about the book.

  115. I hope I win! I found an old copy of Little Fuzzy yesterday in a used book shop- maybe that’s good luck!

  116. I didn’t shave this morning, so I’m a little fuzzy. Obviously I need a copy of the book, please.

  117. Just a comment, you say? It’s simple, daring and short. I approve.

  118. Would love a copy – thanks to @wilw for the retweet of the contest!

  119. I must confess that I’m not an avid book reader although I love sci-fi. This could be an opportunity to indoctrinate me.

  120. I’m not sure what Fuzzy Nation is all about. I’m not even sure how I ended up following you on Twitter. But, I’m all about free stuff (except mutton) so Bring It!

  121. So, a comment contest you say? Well, then I will just leave this here…

  122. I can’t think of anything witty to write here, but I’d like to enter the contest! Thanks!

  123. What number will I be? I want to say weeee!… or something resembling an attempt at humor. Not invoking the mutton though, then it will get scary.

  124. I am now craving mutton. Slow cooked, and served with mint sauce and redcurrant jelly.

    And I don’t have any. I think you should give me a book, instead.

  125. ‘Mutton’ is a colloquialism. I can use it in a sentence like this, “Give’em’utton o’ them there Fuzzy books, because I just used the last page o’ mah Uncle John’s ARCs.”

  126. You just can’t get good mutton these days. Someone needs to open a Kentucky Fried Mutton in my area.

  127. Will my luck finally turn? By the way, that numerical criterion has nothing to do with the content of the post, has it? Otherwise, according to my very scientific calculation, I’d have to stop this comment right n

  128. I’m really looking forward to reading the book John, I recently read all of Old Man’s War and really enjoyed it :)

  129. Mutton is the fruit of the sea. You can barbecue it, boil it, broil it, bake it, saute it. There’s, um, mutton kebabs, mutton creole, mutton gumbo, pan fried, deep fried, stir fried. There’s pineapple mutton and lemon mutton, coconut mutton, pepper mutton, mutton soup, mutton stew, mutton salad, mutton and potatoes, mutton burger, mutton sandwich… That’s, that’s about it.

  130. Mutton Chops. Mutton head. Mutton Jeff. Mutton to see here, move along. Much Ado About Mutton.

    Space Mutton. Little Mutton. Mutton and other People. Mutton Sapiens (aka The Other Mutton Race) (semi clever reference to Androids Deam). A Planet for Mutton. Four Day Mutton. Junkyard Mutton (aka The Cosmic Mutton). Mutton Uprising. Lord Kalvan likes Mutton. The Worlds of H. Beam Mutton. Muttontime. First Mutton (with Michael Kurland). Mutton in 2140 (with John J. MCGuire).

  131. Sounds like an interesting read, though I think I’ll need to hold off and see if I win a copy before picking it up in my next book store pilgrimage. Good luck to everyone, and hopefully someone that will appreciate it winds up as the winner. :D

    *heads back to his well-worn copy of Game of Thrones*

  132. The little waiter showed Lamartine a table upon which were some mutton cutlets in an earthenware dish, some bread, a bottle of wine and a glass. The whole came from a wine-shop in the neighbourhood.

    “Well,” exclaimed Lamartine, “what about a knife and fork?”

    — Victor Hugo, Memoirs of Victor Hugo

  133. nuttin but a Fuzzy Nation of mutton? Would like to read to find out…..

  134. I’m interested! especially because the dallas news apparently never read the Gunslinger series…

  135. I would love a copy. I’m not getting my hopes up though, because a) I rarely win, and b) usually these contests are not open to Canadians even though we love to read books too.

  136. I like your books, and I like free things – it seems to me that this contest is a win-win situation. I also have to remember to tell you about an amazing charity I volunteer with with that has a chapter in your area, because it’s an awesome thing for kids to get involved in. (It is fun for their parents, too.)

  137. I too, shall enter the contest to win the mutton. That’s what we are doing here, right? Since everyone is talking about mutton? I would rather have a book though. But not a book made of mutton, that would be messy.

  138. i was going to post a clever comment, but laziness got the better of me. i’m an american, you should expect nothing less.

  139. I need to read…because it brings me around…to up position…when i’m too lowdown…So send me a book ’cause i know how to read…And i’ll get lost in the story like i wanna be.

  140. I hope i win this random chance contest, random chance is something I’m very good at.

  141. I’m convinced that, whatever the method is, that this post is it. My days will be completely muttonous without a copy of the book.

  142. Awww… i was just looking up creative ways to use the word mutton last week… all that effort was for naught…

  143. I would love to get a free copy. (and I agree with Penn, mutton is under-appreciated)

  144. Official contest comment.

    I have, have read, and did enjoy Fuzzy Nation. Should I win, I will pass on the copy to someone I think will also enjoy it or to the local library.

  145. Comment.

    I wonder; should we read the first (non-scalzi) book before reading this one?

  146. Oh wow, a copy of this book would be awesome. My well-worn Fuzzy books will keep it company!

  147. A copy of Fuzzy Nation? Oh boy, I can give it to my nephew Leif Peter for his birthday.

  148. –randomly generated number– is my lucky number

    Also, my birthday is June 2!

  149. I bet the contest is decided on the vowel/consonant ratio of the post. Therefore, I am queueing to go to Kauai and Maui, adieu!

  150. I remember the first Fuzzy book I read. I fell in love and adoration with the little scruffs of fluff. I haven’t been reading books as much as I should lately. Making myself a note to pick up some more Fuzzy love. XD

  151. Oh, cool, I could get a free copy?

    Wait. I bought it already, for the Seattle signing.

    Hmm… I suppose I could get a free copy to donate to a library or something.

  152. I’ve heard great things about the book, so a free copy would be fantastic.

  153. Post-holiday slump – no cleverness left in my brain. Would love a free copy of the book, though :)

  154. In case the Mutton creteria is used Mutton was once fuzzy, but any book with the title fuzzy nation has to be read

  155. You said to post, so I’m posting. Here’s hoping this post is the winning post.

  156. Great cover. Can’t decide who’s cuter: the little fuzzy guy, or the big fuzzy guy.

  157. Fuzzy Nation looks great. I enjoyed the first chapters very much and am looking forward to reading the rest. Which will happen whether or not I win, but may not be right away. I have enjoyed everything so far I’ve bought that you wrote, including Old Man’s War, Ghost Brigades, Last Colony and Judge Sn Goes Golfing.

  158. Fuzzy Wuzzy was a Scalzi
    Fuzzy Wuzzy had no balzi
    Fuzzy Wuzzy wasn’t fuzzy, was he?

  159. I am leaving a comment, in hopes that it may lead to the winning of a book. :D I’m currently reading “Old Man’s War”, quite enjoyable!

  160. Mmmmm….Mutton! Mouth-watering, shepherd’s pie-filling, delectable mutton!

  161. I’ve heard great things from other nerds I follow, so I hope you grace me with a copy!

  162. Damn you, Scalzi! Finally a chance to show off my talents and you pull the plug.Thanks a lot!


    Doug Sturtevant, author of “501 Creative Uses for the Word ‘Mutton'”

  163. Welcome back to Ohio. You’re just in time for Ohio’s switch from a cool, wet “Spring” to a hot dry “Summer.”

  164. Bear with me, “Fuzzy-Wuzzy was a bear, Fuzzy-Wuzzy had no hair, Fuzzy-Wuzzy wasn’t a Fuzzy, was he? ‘Cause there’s nothin’ like muttun! Count me in for a book please, and keep them coming! H. Beam Piper would be proud to see his beloved Fuzzys continue!

  165. Mutton to see here.*

    * – You didn’t say puns would disqualify you.**

    ** – Though they probably should.

  166. A dead tree copy of Fuzzy Nation would be a great companion to the ghostly electronic version held captive in my Kindle.

  167. This would be an EXTRA copy for me to share with the people who haven’t yet become John Sclazi fanatics!

  168. I was unable to attend the book signing at the Poisoned Pen due to Phoenix Comicon activities, but would love to win and definitely look forward to reading the book.

  169. I am confused by the blurb on the cover about how “if” Stephen King wrote Sci-Fi… hasn’t he written tons of sci-fi? Or are we using a specific definition? Like, isn’t the Langoliers classic science fiction? And some post-apocalyptic series he wrote a while ago, can’t remember the name. Something about a tower. Still, it’s a nice blurb!

    And I love the cover. Is that a Munchichi? :D

  170. I read the original books. I’m interested in reading your take on the story.

  171. Enjoyed your reading @phxcc. Please enter me in the competition for a free copy of ‘Fuzzy Nation’.

  172. “JERRY (Seinfeld): Hey, salad’s got nothin’ on this mutton)”

    You know just in case the mutton thing is still on.

  173. What do you call a cooked sheep named E on a ship at sea? Mutton E on the Bounty.

  174. Just finishing Old Man’s War. Would love to read another! ^_^ A Free one would be even better!

  175. This comment is not about mutton but about an ingenious number based system created by…well…an ingenious person.

  176. Hiya John,

    You novels come highly recommended by friends – so much so, they can’t loan them to me because generally someone else is reading them.

    I’ve had some reading fun lately, with novels that are reboots or written in place of someone else or collaborated – the most recent example was a novel by Robert Heinlein (my fave) and Spider Robinson. It was fun to try and pick out which author wrote which part.

    I’ve heard that this book is a “reboot” of an H. Beam Piper book – “Little Fuzzy”. About a year or two ago, I found a batch of Piper’s stuff that had entered the public domain. I much enjoyed the books, although I didn’t see Little Fuzzy in there! I will go back and look specifically for that one, as a preface to your novel.

    In the meantime, I hope for a chance to win “Fuzzy Nation” so that I may find out what everyone enjoys about your books, and also to help complete my readings of Piper. I have no doubt the book is worthy, just because so many folks have loved Piper and love your writing as well!

    I could use a good read these days, so I will keep my fingers crossed. If I don’t win, well, now that I’ve typed so much I will just have to go out a buy a copy. I guess this doesn’t enhance my chance of winning a free copy, No matter, it’ll all work out well in the end!

    Good luck with the giveaway!


  177. i never win anything, but no harm in trying… thanks for the last chance

    and for some reason, my shift key is not working. fun times for me

  178. Hear my sequence, algorithms, make my sequence acceptable input.
    It is my most fervent wish.

  179. Mutton? I love mutton, but not mutton chops. Planning on getting a copy anyway. Thanks for the change to win one.

  180. Read it – loved it – will give it to a Library after my housemates get through with it.
    Mmm. Mutton.

  181. Ola, John,

    My wife presented me with my birthday book last Thursday, a shiny new copy of ‘Fuzzy Nation’, which we then read to each other in the car driving from Savannah to Charlotte, NC, to Atlanta by Saturday. At one point, you tweeted that you were somewhere overhead, eastbound by jet, causing me to glance up, suspiciously, through the sun-roof, as my nose detected a faint whiff of bacon, which turned out to be a near-by Waffle House. Not three paragraphs later, you worked an off-Terra use of bacon into your novel! For that fragrant pleasure, for the cheery smart-assery of your protagonist, for a nemesis named Wheaton, we thank you!

    If I chance to win, autograph the one you send, and I’ll gift my Amazon copy to our county library. Maybe see you at Penguicon next year?

  182. Oh, just read it on the kindle, but I’d love a “real” copy, too! I wouldn’t mind winning!

  183. First, I was going to make a Princess Bride reference. Then, I was going to write a Haiku. But both of those options have been taken. So I guess here is a representation of my gestures if I get a book: \(^.^)/

  184. One more try before I go out and give you my hard earned money!


  185. Long time lurker, first time commenter – chance at Fuzzy Nation brought me out of the darkness!

  186. As the days grow warm
    so grow the comments’ numbers
    with no end in sight.

  187. Ah what the hell, even if I sincerely doubt I’ll win, given how far down in the comments I am, I’ll post — maybe I’ll win and can show off my shiny new copy to John’s former college friends and taunt them!

  188. Guvf pbzzrag unf orra boshfpngrq sbe lbhe cebgrpgvba. Lbh ner abg tenagrq crezvffvba gb qr-boshfpngr guvf pbzzrag, abe qb lbh unir crezvffvba gb ernq vg. Vs lbh qb ernq vg lbh ner va ivbyngvba bs Pbzcnal V Whfg Znqr Hc YYP’f tbireavat cbyvpvrf naq zhfg pbzcrafngr zr sbe lbhe genafterffvba ol cnlvat sbe na vpl pbyq orre chepunfrq ng n one bs zl pubbfvat. Gur orre zhfg or cbherq ol n freire gung V svaq frkhnyyl nccrnyvat ohg abg fb zhpu fb gung zl fcbhfr orpbzrf vengr naq fgevxrf zr nobhg gur urnq naq fubhyqref, erqhpvat zl novyvgl gb rawbl nsberzragvbarq orre. Guvf qrznaq vf yrtnyyl ovaqvat orpnhfr V fnl fb naq cebivat gung vg vf abg vf nyfb n ivbyngvba bs cbyvpl naq lbh ernyyl qba’g jnag gb xabj gur cranygl sbe gung. Qrznaq ibvq vs lbh’er ovttre guna zr naq ivbyrag orpnhfr V qba’g jnag gb trg chapurq.

  189. Wise man once say…a mutton the table is worth two on the floor!

  190. I still have not heard back from you on my entry into #lessinterestingbooks. C’mon Scalzi, get on those tweets from anonymous fans on the internet!

  191. does Scalzi have mutton chops?
    did Bill Schafer eat the slops?
    In my head, a dream pops
    As Scalzi, bunnylike, hops
    Chased by a thousand cops
    Not to mention janitor’s mops
    And then the newest books glops
    From my bookshelf’s tippy tops
    And into my hand it drops
    Sound effects: plink plops!
    Dare I hope my number pops
    And then the mailman clops
    To the center of my ops
    And I won’t have to visit shops
    Or dare Scalzi’s mutton chops
    To secure my friends mad props
    And a copy of Fuzzy Nation.

    …alright, it sucks, but I couldn’t resist. And it saved me from boredom for fifteen minutes.

  192. I’m abuzz with the love for a book about a fuzzy man
    Hope John isn’t fussing ’bout choosing me, if he doesn’t
    But winning’s in the master plan
    I know this rhyme’s not grand
    I hope I don’t get banned
    Just want to read about a fuzzy man.

    (apologies to Paul and Storm for my butchery of their song lyrics….but hey…)

  193. Mutton? I quit and have been attending M.A. Meetings ever since.

    This is my entry, and I’m sticking to it.

  194. I shall comment and mention mutton and hope the “post comment” button brings me good luck…on.

    I tried :(

  195. My comment was RIGHT NEXT TO the last random-esque number winner. The only way to be closer is to actually win then, right?

  196. I’d love to win a copy, so here is my entry! I’d give it to a friend who is a BIG fan of H. Beam Piper, so there’d be TWO winners – me and my friend!

    You know what Patrick Rothfuss says about mutton – tastes like damp wool.


  197. A contest? Contests are good. My luck generally isn’t but what the heck. Here goes.

  198. The only obscene mutton reference I have is a joke where the punchline is, “He’s my Daaaaaad.”

  199. I saw Fuzzy Nation at Baycon but couldn’t afford it (money already assigned!). I will read it at some point – love to get it direct from you!

  200. I’m super excited to give it a read. If you come to the Triangle area in NC I hope I can stop on by.

  201. I thought mutton was only served by wenches in inns or found in moldering wooden chests in dark musty dungeons. You know, like mead. And gauntlets.

    I’ve been playing too many RPGs, haven’t I?

  202. Don’t have a clue about all this, but I want to read this. Been reading sci-fi all my life and this looks exactly like what I will want to read next!

  203. The word mutton has peculiar origins.

    Before the Norman invasion (1066), England was inhabited by Anglo-Saxons, themselves periodic invaders of the island, who spoke something descended from Saxon/Frisian/German invaders. The Normans, who spoke a kind of French, were not, in fact, truly French; they were descendants of ex-vikings who’d been offered the coast of France to settle on in 911, on the condition that they’d stop all the _other_ vikings from sailing up France’s many rivers and plundering the countryside. While they were by 1066 more assimilated into French culture, they were still notably given to adventure- like invading England.

    The result was an England in which most of the population was Anglo-Saxon, speaking something much more like German, but ruled by Normans, who spoke something much more like French. Thus, the various names for things, as English evolved as a common language, were often based on the role of the person speaking them! Thus, “sheep,” which refers to the whole, live animal, to be tended, was from the working men’s language (Germanic scep), while mutton, which refers to the prepared meat, was from the language of those served slices of it with mint sauce (French moton). See also axe (Germanic axa/aex) versus dagger (French dague), or stool (G. stuhl) versus chair (F. chaire).

    Not at all a creative use of the term, I’m afraid, but I’m a massive history nerd, so I hope it’s interesting.

  204. I’m a little late to the party having just read Agent to the Stars. Probably will end up buying Fuzzy regardless.

  205. I comment, therefore I win? Or is it – I comment, therefore I am not mutton.

  206. Warm mutton + free Fuzzy equals warm & fuzzy? I would love a copy. I wonder if word or letter count have anything to do the ingenious number-based plan?

  207. Wow! Depending on when my comment gets moderated I could be #666? Amazing! And All I wanted to do is comment on the fact that 42 is such a fortuitous number for you, me just having been through it!

    Looking forward to the book!

  208. Going to give this a go. I missed all the other contests by a few hours. Maybe this will turn out better!

    (Spoilers: the numbers are against it. But that’s okay!)

  209. Might I petition to get one for our library? Being in a state of perpetual brokeness, new SF usually gets short shrift there. Oh, BTW, mutton.

  210. Leaving my entry like the wrapper from the sandwich I “liberated” from the work fridge…

  211. A free copy would be fantastic! I’ve been meaning to read Fuzzy Nation, just need to get past the backlog I’ve got already in “books to read”

  212. SubPress – gotta love that publisher. I should probably just tithe a chunk of my paycheck to Bill….

  213. thats an ingenious and awesome contest. i think that if i donmt win, i will buy your book anyway. ps: love the paul and storm song you commmissioned, damned good ballad.

  214. This should qualify as a comment. In an effort to add a little bit of content, however misplaced, my wife got to see you at Phoenix Comicon, and was very impressed. Given our respective reading habits, it would have made more sense for me to be there, but that wasn’t feasible, sadly.

  215. When I clicked the “post” button there were exactly 666 comments. I have no idea what that means for my odds, but it will at least be fascinating to see how many more people posted int he time it took me to type this.

    On the slim chance I am a winner, which means you actually read this, John; allow me to thank you again for your wonderful books!

  216. I couldn’t think of anything interesting to comment with, so…Mutton Honey…

  217. Sound most intriguing and a personal retweet by Will Weaton. Count me in.

  218. I have the Kindle version, but wouldn’t mind a dead tree variant to share with friends.

  219. I am commenting and in so doing, I hope to magically defeat the random number generation and win!

  220. Comment winning? You win by reading, commenting is just icing on the cake.

  221. I’m glad you went with the numbering system, although now I just really wish I had a creative (non-obscene) use for the word “mutton.” I mean, I can’t think of several uses for it, but non-obscene ones? That’s really tough.

  222. TThhiiss iiss aa ccoommmmeenntt,, bbuutt II aappppeeaarr ttoo hhaavvee lleefftt eecchhoo oonn.. OOooppss!!

  223. I will use this completely superfluous comment text to make a request, Mr. Scalzi. When the contest has a pre-selected “right answer”, as many of yours in the past have, why not end it after you first notice someone has guessed the right answer? Why leave it open for more people to guess when there is no chance of them being right?

    I’m not talking about this contest, since the mechanism you are using might require the total number of comments to be known. I’m talking about the random number contest, or the place contest. And its not that big a deal, just something to fill this space.

  224. I, for one, blame Obama. And the person who commented just before me is wrong and has questionable ancestry. (Just in case the contest is for drawing the ban hammer.)

  225. I was reccomended this book by penny arcade. He said the humor in it reminded him of the earlier work such as agent to the stars, that counts as a compliment to me.

  226. Most likely, no one will read this comment,
    Unless they’re looking for misguided attempts
    To curry favor through attempts to avoid
    The random number generator, since despite its commitment to democracy,
    One of America’s foremost myths is that of exceptionalism, suggesting that
    No person can win something randomly, but rather must earn it through personal superiority.

  227. I’m eagerly awaiting this book, the original Little Fuzzy was the first science fiction book I read, it got me hooked.

  228. Trolls are slow in the uptake, and mighty suspicious about anything new to them.
    “Mutton today, Mutton Yesterday, and blimey it don’t look like mutton tomorrer!”

  229. Hopefully is the largest prime number post, and hopefully this one is. And for good measure: 42.

  230. First! Oh wait. Seems I was a bit late again. Stupid malfunctioning time machine.

  231. Wow, potential win of copy of Fuzzy Nation! It’s been my week for “good things to come in,” between receiving my tax refund, winning a media player from MP4Nation, and getting an Irish V2A residency certification form signed by the Canadian tax authorities (better for me than winning the Irish lottery, and who could make this kind of thing up?!?!).

  232. I’ve only read Old Man’s War, but I own the Android’s Dream. So this would be an excellent addition to my book queue!

  233. A limerick packs laughs anatomical
    in a space that is quite economical;
    the good ones I’ve seen
    so seldom are clean
    and the clean ones so rarely are comical.

  234. Do you think this dress is too short? I dont want to look like mutton dressed as lamb! thats my entry.

  235. I honestly can not figure out why this was the most difficult comment to post ever. It is both confusing and frustrating. Oh well, my dog is barking in his sleep so that makes up for it.

  236. I already posses a copy, personalized by Scalzi in Seattle. But should I win another, I do solemnly swear on a stack of mutton (or other meat product of the author’s choice, no porcine presumption on my part, no way) to make sure that another avid reader acquires it.

  237. Comment.

    I tried to come up with a joke “Mutton”, but all I could think of is “What does a sheep with a cleft palate say?”

    Not really funny, so I’ll just search the web for Mutton (Safe search “ON”) while I wait for you to send me the book….

  238. Perhaps a Haiku would qualify as an entry?

    Fuzzy Nation book
    Would like to read it today
    Fuzzy memories

  239. I’m in. I can’t wait to see what you did with this world. The Little Fuzzies were a big influence on me as a kid, and I’m always looking at the trace elements :).

  240. I’m not sure what I should be saying here, but I’ll tell you what, I’m really hoping I win that book.

  241. Well there is no way I can pass up a chance at getting a great sci-fi book for just posting a comment, consider me in!

  242. A copy of this book is all that’s needed for me to complete my ingenious plan to take over the world. Hand it over and I may give you the position of Ambassador to Liechtenstein.

  243. Testing my luck and commenting. *throws a 20 sided die* Natural 20! Maybe that means luck is on my side today. Or maybe I just used up all my good luck on the die throw and thus will not win a copy of the book. Oops!

  244. Malkovich malkovich malkovich malkovich malkovich. Malkovich, malkovich malkovich malkovich malkovich! Malkovich. Malkovich malkovich?

  245. Please please please please pleeeeeeeeeeeease let your cold equations evaluate to favor me!

  246. If you shred meat very finely, then spin it onto cardboard tubes, would you have mutton candy? (I don’t know which is worse, the attempt at humor in the preceding sentence or the idea of mutton candy)

  247. I like easy (oh, and my mutton-chops seem to have gathered an obscene amount of mutton; I hope that this does not also disqualify me).

  248. I’m glad it’s not the mutton one. I’m already muttoned-out today. Had my fill at lunch.

  249. ME ME ME ME ME!

    I love mutton in a non-obscene way! (just doubling my chances here in case that was a clever double-bluff XK Red technique).

  250. Even if I don’t win a book, perhaps posting this will remind me to look back to check and see what the algorithm was.

  251. I’ve already bought a copy, so if I win I’ll give my copy to a library!

  252. having just finished “Little Fuzzy” I would *love* a copy of “Fuzzy Nation”!

  253. If you pick me you could send it directly to my Nook thereby saving yourself, and your sponsors, money. I think that deserves consideration. :-)

  254. This seems like it would be a great birthday present (I’m 49 today).

  255. I see others have gotten to the “do my chances increase if I mention mutton” question before me, so I won’t go there. Even if I just did.

  256. Hi, John.

    Here’s a comment. It would contain the word “mutton” if that were a requirement.

    Hope you’re enjoying being home!

  257. Posting posting posting,
    Keep them wagons posting,
    Keep them doggie moving,

  258. Going to read H Beam Piper’s first, but really looking forward to yours.
    I’ve read the series and Old Man’s War is the BEST!

  259. Oh my gosh WANT.

    Also: “Is that a mutton the couch?” [This works in my head because I’m from Texas.]

  260. This may get the most comments on any post ever.

    And I bet most of the comments won’t be read.

    If you read this comment, I will be quite surprised!

    Note: If you are reading this right now, this is my surprised face: :-0

  261. Hey, anything Little Fuzzy is probably awesome as far as I’m concerned, and given how awesome your blog is, that makes it at least /twice as likely/ to be awesome.

  262. Although I enjoyed reading Fuzzy Nation on my Kindle moments after it auto-downloaded, a hard copy would complete my Scalzi shelf in the bookcase..

  263. Awesomeness!!!! The book was not yet out when you were here in MN for Minicon so I hope to be selected. :-)

  264. At last! A contest that doesn’t require obsessive reloading of whatever! Yes, please.

  265. I would have gone with mutton. Because y’know fuzzies have mutton chops. Like in a sideburn? Because they are fuzzy? Of fer spaghetti’s sake…

  266. hmmm a comment… oh god, i can’t think of anything! This always happens!