What I Did With My Afternoon

I got myself a ukulele, and I done learned myself a song!

Not bad for 30 minutes. I suspect the learning curve will flatten out from here, however.

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  1. Well, we know what the kick-ass entertainment on the next book tour is going to be.

  2. Yay! Another ukulele player. *UKE HIGH FIVE* I also just started playing (two week and counting). Soon we will take over the world with our dulcet tones. May I inquire what kind you got?

  3. Wow, that was not terrible! Good job!

    My 5 y/o wants to learn ukulele so I guess I should get on that.

  4. O.K. Now you’re just messing with me. So, last month I upload to YouTube six videos of you, John Scalzi, talking at Borderlands in San Francisco. Two days ago I upload a video of my friend, Steven Strauss, playing “Walkin’ After Midnight” on the electric ukulele: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5T_xcjYihcU
    And today YOU are playing Walking After Midnight on the ukulele! You are seriously messing with me!

  5. *clap clap!!* That is one of my favorite songs.. :)

    You did very well!! :) :)

  6. So, when you’re a shambling zombie because you’ve been on tour for three weeks, and you have neither your usual complement of energy nor your usual complement of brain, THAT’S when you decide to learn how to play a musical instrument? And you manage not to suck at it, to boot?

    You’re scary, John.

  7. Very nice. I found that by keeping the neck in the natural “C” between the thumb and first finger, the chord changes are easier and faster. Enjoy.

  8. Album on Bandcamp. NOW!!! Okay, maybe not now, since you’ve just gotten back from book tour, but soon-ish.

  9. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a ukelele interpretation of Patsy Cline. Nice job.

  10. Can you play Fuzzy Man on the uke yet? Can’t wait for the John Scalzi Ukulele Concert at Worldcon in Reno!!

  11. Oh, I do so love that song! And you did not suck. (Unlike my Spousal Unit, who is threatened with death and dismemberment whenever he tries to sing.) When do you plan on releasing your first CD?

  12. I clicked on it expecting something horrible…and was nicely suprised. good job.

  13. FREEBIRD, uke style!!!

    Or, “In The Court Of The Crimson King” would be cool, too.

  14. I like the beard. I’m trying to resist the Lure of the Ukulele. I already have a bunch of instruments I don’t play.

  15. A ukelelist and songwriter I like a lot is Sophie Madeleine, who does tuneful, witty, mostly charming and delicate songs (some of which are in danger of tipping over into cutesy tweeness, though). I heard about her from several entries on boingboing, though it turned out she was actually studying music and performing about 25 miles from me in England.

    Boingboing also posted videos of her partnership in a duo called Rocky and Balls, whose songs can be very innuendo-laden, even if delivered as though butter wouldn’t melt in their mouths – see Girls Like Boys With Skills.

  16. two days ago I came home from work stopped at the hardware store, bought some copper pipe, fittings, torch, solder, flux, cutter, and taught myself to solder pipe. a garden hose and some clamps let me pressure test that me work held up under pressure.

    after the incident the week before, it seemed lime a handy skill to know.

    i suppose i could do a youtube video, but i dont want to feel responsible for all the homeowners who decide to splice in a new sink somewhere and flood their basement.

    with great power comes great responsibility and all that truck.

  17. Dude, you learned this AFTER your whirlwind tour? Sigh. Anyway, what’s it like to have a voice good enough that you’re not embarrassed to record a video and put it on the net for your 40,000 daily visitors to view? I’d really like to know.

  18. Congratulations! Ukes are awesome – I have three and would love a dozen but my wife put a stop to that idea. :) Excellent choice for a new hobby!

  19. In the unlikely event he hasn’t already come across them, might I point my learned and multi-talented colleague to The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain? Their rendition of Anarchy in the UK is particularly spirited. (They played the Royal Albert Hall last year, doncha know.) Here’s a link to their website, which a true-geek would have embedded properly: http://www.ukuleleorchestra.com/main/home.aspx.

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