It’s Like Your Ears Were There

Wish you could have been at Phoenix Comicon last week to enjoy the many fantastic panels and personalities (including, uh, me)? Sadly, a working time machine has not been offered to the public, but here’s the next best thing: An archive of audio from the convention, covering many if not most of the panels and special events, from Versus the World Productions. Go to the page, click the archive link, and be wisked away on a sonic journey of total nerdination. And now you have something to keep your ears occupied all weekend long. You are welcome.

4 Comments on “It’s Like Your Ears Were There”

  1. Chris – I’ve heard that part of the book. It’s AWESOME (that’s all we can say or John makes our heads asplode…)

    “a working time machine has not been offered to the public..”

    Wait, what? Is this one of the perks of being President of SFWA??

  2. Dude. Why is the Scalzi stuff not first and highlighted. It’s like totally lamo that I had to wade through the posers and click through to third page to find the good stuff.

  3. rickg @3 You see John isn’t really a science fiction author, he’s more of a future historian/biographer.

    Kinda makes you look at The God Engine a little differently doesn’t it?

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