In Repose

Yes, I’m playing with Photoshop again. But I like the result.

10 Comments on “In Repose”

  1. That’s an excellent picture, great exposure. The only thing I’d do to it is crop the top out a little bit (rule of thirds) and then I’d print and hang that one in a moment.

    Nice work.

  2. Note to Scalzi regarding Erik V. Olson invoking the rule of thirds — I’d like to invoke Edison: “Hell, there are no rules here; we’re trying to accomplish something.”

    Screw the croppage.

  3. Idk what was the idea of this photo, but it looks scary for me .

  4. Also not down with the cropping. The expanse of space above her head is what makes the photo work for me, largely because it gives such a nice amount of room for the light.

  5. Ali Trotta – Somewhere near the coffee pot. – I'm a writer who lives on coffee and sarcasm. I'll be the first to crack a joke, even if I'm mocking myself. I find inspiration everywhere, and I'm forever scribbling on napkins.

    Love this. Really great photo.

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