Visiting Dog is Visiting

Some friends had need of some last-minute pet sitting, and we’re the sort of suckers very nice people who will help out friends at the last minute, so say hello to Visiting Dog™, who is with us for a bit. Visiting Dog™ has taken up position underneath the downstairs desk, which is apparently similar to its favorite position in its actual home, so it’s nice that we can provide it with a little bit of normal. The cats, as you may imagine, are not 100% pleased by this development. But it’s only temporary. And, you know. Secretly the cats enjoy being miffed.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

11 replies on “Visiting Dog is Visiting”

Poor Visiting Dog. You know and I know that the Scalzi Compound is probably a great place for Visiting Dog. But Visiting Dog does NOT know this. Visiting Dog’s eyes say, “I am hiding from the Zombie Apocalypse. Please find my real house and bring it back to me? Please? Before the zombies find me.”

I’m just looking forward to a comment from Chang, or rather from Chang. A pet picture post that is not a cat but a dog, and not even a permanently resident dog, and the picture violates most of the Committee’s rules on composition, and the accompanying post imputes sentiments to the cats? This should really be good …

Awwww, Visiting Dog is cute!! I have an under-desk dweller of my own … it’s kinda impressive to watch her fold herself into small places.

You must have a serious chat with the cats and encourage them not to terrorize Visiting Dog or you will invite Martha Stewart over to teach them some manners.

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