A Nice Ranking

I’m not so lacking in vanity that I won’t admit to this being nice:

Coffee Shop at the moment is the number one writing book on Kindle (and #3 writing book of any sort on Amazon). It’s nice while it lasts. And it’s gratifying to see this much interest in a book this far along in its life cycle (it was originally released in 2007, after all). So, thank you, folks. I appreciate it.

Just Arrived

One Day’s Haul (A Just Arrived Photo Shoot)

One thing about having been away from home for a while is that I’m behind noting what new and interesting books have come into the Scalzi Compound. To illustrate why catching up is sometimes easier said than done, here’s the pile of the books which came in just today: 14 books in 15 volumes (Heaven’s Shadow is represented twice, once in the US version and once in the UK version) and that doesn’t count the box of the latest printing of the mass market paperback edition of Old Man’s War that Tor was kind enough to ship to me.

That said, today was a particularly interesting haul, with new work from Charles Stross, Alastair Reynolds, Neal Asher and Mark Charon Newton, the paperback edition of Charles Yu’s critically acclaimed novel, and an anthology edited by Peter Beagle and Joe Lansdale, among other fine books. I was particularly amused to receive the Asher book because just today I was over at the Amazon UK site and saw it and said to myself “oh, hey, a new Neal Asher book, I’d like to get that one.” And then ten minutes later it was dropped off at the house. Would that everything I wished for were delivered with such alacrity.

(Note that the Newton, the Col Buchanan and the Asher books are all from Tor UK — I don’t know when they’ll be available in the States. But I have them, at least.)

Also pleased to get the new MaryJanice Davidson; she and I share an agent and it’s nice to see an agentmate doing well.

I will be catching up on the rest of my backlog soon I SWEAR, but in the meantime feel free to admire this stack ‘o reading goodness.


Just Plain Stupid

Seriously, dude? You’re not some frat boy, you’re a congressional representative. You shouldn’t have to be told “no sextweets for you,” you should know it on your own. And if you didn’t know it, that other congressional representative — from your own state! — who made an ass of himself on Craigslist earlier this year should have been a warning. But, I don’t know. Maybe you thought this was the sort of thing that only happened to Republicans. Surprise! Married Democrats probably shouldn’t do certain things either, and mailing around pictures of your swaddled member is one of them.

Ugh. I’ve been waiting for this particular announcement since Weiner admitted that he couldn’t be sure the picture wasn’t of him. I’m going to say it again: One probably does know one’s own package, and at the very least one also knows if one makes a habit of sending ill-advised pictures of one’s self of the Tubes. As soon as Weiner employed that particular hedge, the clock was on the play and it was just a matter of time until he either he admitted it, or the evidence piled up at his door. Weiner picked the more honorable route in terms of dealing with it (that is, after having lied about it to begin with), but once more: Dude. What were you thinking. And the answer, quite obviously: He wasn’t thinking at all, or more aptly wasn’t thinking with his brain.

For the record, I have no real issue with people sexting or sextweeting or sex-whatever-ing their little brains out; if it gives you joy, go ahead. Everyone has their hobbies. That said, this particular hobby does come with repercussions and responsibilities. Toward the former, as suggested earlier, this is one of those hobbies contraindicated by high-profile public service, especially if one has no stomach toward owning up to it when caught (and one would be caught sooner than later). Toward the latter, the relatively newlywed Mr. Weiner should have disclosed to his wife his little hobby, which he apparently did not until this morning, which was no doubt the least comfortable conversation in the history of the Weiner-Abedin breakfast nook.

If she had been fine with it — and who knows? There have been stranger things — then, well. Still not smart for a congressman, but then it would fall under the “hey, their life” category. But, look: When you’re married or otherwise in a deeply serious relationship, all the cards are out on the table. No one likes surprises, and more to the point, your spouse (or the equivalent) deserves better than to get a surprise like this.

In sum: Stupid. Just plain stupid.


Not an Auspicious Start

Athena’s first official day of summer vacation? Sick, and heading to the doctor’s for an appointment. Hopefully it will get better from here. I may take her for ice cream in any event. Because, come on. Ice cream fixes everything.


The United Kingdom Joins the Fuzzy Nation

Dear UK Fans:

Today is the release day for Fuzzy Nation where you are, and I am delighted to say that not only is it available in hardcover version (w00t!), it’s also simultaneously available in electronic version as well, via and the UK iBookstore (and possibly in other places as well — those are just the ones I am completely sure about). It’s also available in audio form as well via Audible. So, basically, however you want it, you can get it. I hope you enjoy it.

As regards the hardcover edition, remember that as the book is coming from the US version of Tor through its distributors there, so if you don’t immediately see it in your local bookstore, you can still order it through them. I’m sure they will be happy to take that order.


“Coffee Shop” Now Available for Nook and Kindle (and iBooks)

A few years ago I collected up some of my Whatever posts on writing into a Subterranean Press book entitled You’re Not Fooling Anyone When You Take Your Laptop Into a Coffee Shop: Scalzi on Writing. The book was presented in a limited edition of 500; it sold out. We made a second printing, also of 500; it also sold out. Then people kept asking when it would be available via the Kindle and Nook e-book stores.

The answer is: Now! Actually, the answer is “it’s been available via the Kindle and Nook stores for a couple of weeks but I didn’t tell you because I was on tour and it slipped my mind,” but “now,” is shorter. So: Now!

And the even better news is that this book comes to you with a pretty cheap price: $4.99 at both Amazon and B&N, so whichever of those two readers you prefer, there you have it.

What? You prefer to get your electronic reading material via Apple’s iBookstore? Well, fine, it’s there too, and also for $4.99. Because we want you to be happy.

Here’s the link to the Kindle version. Here’s the link to the Nook version. Here’s a link to Apple iBooks page (you need to download the app to your iObject to access the store).

And if you really want a hard copy instead, here’s the title listing on Abebooks, where the cheapest one is going for $145 (plus shipping). I think the electronic version might be the better deal, myself.

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